Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday Wisdom

When I started quilting most patterns where still printed as templates, with NO ROTARY CUTTING instructions.  Did you ever wonder where and how quilters come up with all those neat quilty math tricks?   They're all smart and very talented quilters but they too had a teacher, BILLIE LAUDER.   In my humble opinion Billie is the queen of quilt tricks and tips.  She's been quilting and teaching since 1976.  Now I'm not saying she invented these techniques but there's a pretty good chance.   
 Each of her books has several tricks along with the math to make them any size you want.  I've had my books for many years and to be honest they have been the most used book in my quilting library.  Everything from HST's to hexie's and diamonds.   You still can find them for sale at   Now I know many of you are thinking why would you buy something that I could probably find online as a free tutorial.  Well when I purchased these books the online tutorials weren't as plentiful as they are now.  There's still a few tricks and secrets in the books that haven't been revealed online.
Today's freebie is a video.
Here's a link to a Billie video made years ago for the ultimate scrappy four patch.  Billie puts her heart and soul into this video.   The enthusiasm is contagious!

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. I have these books too! Love Billie -- actually met her years ago when I lived in California- such a nice lady! Happy stitching -

  2. I would much rather read a book then try to find it online!

  3. Oh, I love Billie Lauder. I can't watch the video though because every time I do, I get all inspired and drag out fabrics and you know how I am about ufo's! Oh, okay...I'll watch it.... XO

  4. I have to own up to not knowing this lady but now popping over to see her video

  5. Great inspiration from Billie. Thanks for the link.


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