Sunday, August 16, 2015

Podunk Pickin's Week 1

I'd like to start out this weeks Podunk Pickin's by thanking all the bloggers for sharing their FREE tutorials and patterns.  The tutorials are listed in the order in which I received them.  So let's get to the FREEBIES!

Jill at Apple Avenue Quilts shared two free patterns for mini foundation pieced quilts.   Two adorable ways to use up the tiniest of scraps. You can see both mini quilts and download the free patterns by CLICKING HERE

Daryl from Patchouli Moon shared a creative and cute tip for hanging wall art.  You can read more about it by CLICKING HERE.   

Sharon at Vroomans Quilt shared her tutorial for a Faux Braid Quilt from a jelly roll.  This tutorial takes all the fuss out of making a braid quilt.  You can find the tutorial by CLICKING HERE.

This last freebie was from my list of freebies to share if I had no email responses.  Kaaren at The Painted Quilt has a little mystery quilt in progress.  You can find the instruction for the first step by CLICKING HERE.  

That's it for this weeks Pickin's. Eventually I might make this a linky party, if there's a good response.  But for now if you written a quilting or sewing tutorial or tip on your blog that you'd like to share please feel free to send me an email( with the following.

1. a link to your project or tip  
2. a picture of your project(for sharing on my blog)
3. and a brief description of your project. 

 It doesn't need to be a new post it can be an older post that you'd like to revive.  I'll share your link and picture on  Podunk Pickin's the following Sunday.  I'm hoping for tons of emails with great projects so I'm asking that you only send one a week. So what happens if I get no emails?   Then it's business as usual, me sharing the freebies found while surfing the internet.  So from now on anytime you see the Podunk Pickin's image you know my post contains links to some great free patterns and tips. 

Thanks again to all the bloggers who shared their projects and made the first Podunk Pickin's a success!

~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. I am honored to be in such company today! I know these ladies and their awesome work. I haven't started Kaaren's mystery quilt yet, but plan on catching up at some point. And have used Jill's pattern for a gift.

  2. Thank you for these links and thanks too to the people who arre willing to share their ideas with us.

  3. i have been down loading some of your patterns, hugs

  4. Thanks Lea Anne for posting my link here. I think this is going to be a fun. Wish you much success with your Podunk Pickin's.

  5. Lots of useful and fun tutorials!


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