Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mini Basket Finished

Hello quilting buddies!  I'm still here plugging along.  There's so much to do that my quilting is taking a backseat.  
The original plan for this basket block was a larger quilt with several of these blocks and an applique border.   I may eventually make a larger quilt using the block design but for now I just want a finished project.  The base of the basket block(red gingham) is as wonky as it looks.  It was a scrap piece of gingham cut on the bias that obviously didn't get enough starch.

The simple little bud bloom has also inspired a couple other design ideas for other quilts.  For now they are just scribbles on paper .  However I did make a few more of the blooms just so I could have hands on playtime with design ideas.

Due to the desperation of needing a finish the quilting was kept simple and done with  my walking foot on the domestic machine.  The backing pictures were horrible, so you'll just have to imagine what the polka dot binding would look like as the backing.

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  1. As always, your work left me going "Aaaaaaaawwwwwwww" - which translated, means "So Pretty!". I just love seeing your pieces...every time they inspire me to try something along the lines of your colour choices! And I actually did - my Scrappy Sailboats quilt was inspired by your work, and Carrie Nelson's. :o)

  2. Lee Ann, I can always pick your projects out of a linky party. Such a distinctive design/fabric combo. I absolutely love your basket and would never have noticed the wonkiness of the gingham!

  3. Neveeer mind the back, your finishes are' Wowwww'. Such a pretty colors. Congrats with this finishes.

  4. once again you have shared a delightful quilt with us, your colours, patterns etc are always so pretty

  5. Cute, cute, cute! What will you do with it? I love it! XO


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