Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Okay I really can't keep my big mouth shut for a Wordless Wednesday.  I should be quilting my last quilt on the frame but I was seduced into making this adorable little quilt.  Can I help it if it has 3 very seductive elements.  
1. its a free pattern
2. baskets
3. flowers
Need I say more?

~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. it's lovely, and you can't possibly keep quiet about the fact it's a freebie

  2. Another adorable flower and basket quilt! I'd be shouting, too. Looking forward to seeing the entire quilt.

  3. Verrrry sweet block! Any chance you can share pattern info please? 😊

  4. Yes--you need to tell us where to find the pattern--so cute!!

  5. Oh yes Lea Anne, please can you share the pattern...You always make such lovely quilts.....

  6. congrats the fabric you won is so very pretty

  7. The tulip is so cute! Love that smaller section on top because it gives it some great dimension.

  8. RIght....so hard to just post a picture! Yours is nicely done.


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