Friday, August 21, 2015

Throwback Thursday Quilt

Well I'm a day late on my Throwback post, it totally slipped my mind.  This is quilt #3 of my own little throwback story that you can find here.  If your interested in the other quilts of my little mini throwback series you can find them  in my blog archives for this month.   Okay this quilt was made for my oldest son Derek.  It was a real adventure from the word "Go".  We ran from store to store, covering 3 counties to find just the right red print fabric to suit Mr. Picky.  And wouldn't you know I ran out of the red print due to a cutting error.  So again we took to the roads looking for more of the special red print.  I bought all they had and still needed to add the huge black border to suit Mr. Picky.  

Oh I give him a hard time over this quilt but it was fun to make the quilt and the memories that came along with the process.   

The pattern was from this book.  I think it was called "The Double Pinwheel".   This was my first real quilting book.     When I purchased it I can remember thinking I'd never need to buy another quilt book.  101 patterns who could need more than that!    HAHAHA!   Even then I designed most of  my quilts or found freebies online changed them up a bit to make them my own.  Not much has changed, I still buy books, look at the pretty quilts, but never make them.  It is what it is, I've tried to change it and fight it but that's just my quilty style. 

So do you have some older quilts that have story to tell?  If so hop on over to
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  1. What a fun story. I can't look at Drama Teen's last quilt without thinking about all the batik shopping she and I did to come up with the fabrics for her Jigsaw quilt. But she loves it. That's the best feeling. Hopefully Mr. Picky was absolutely thrilled when you finished his special quilt.

  2. I really like that pattern. I'm looking at it trying to figure out if there's a "quick" method for making it, with my strip tube ruler. Thanks for linking up at Throwback Thursday this week. It's so much fun to hear stories of everyone's quilts.

    1. E. Burns has a book and a video on her website for strip piecing it. If you are an experienced quilter, you should be able to figure it out without a pattern. I made a few blocks when I saw her show on PBS. Bought the book at a close out sale.

  3. I buy books and look to , almost never make them

  4. I buy books and look to , almost never make them

  5. I've got that book and many more. They become my color/pattern/technique inspiration. Love the story about the quilt.


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