Monday, April 22, 2019

~ Easter Weekend ~

Our Easter weekend was fairly low key.  It started out with happy mail.  It's not fabric but at this point in my pattern business it just as exciting.  Getting a good quilt photo can be difficult especially when the sun refuses to shine for days on end.  What can quilter do?  Buy some sunshine and bring it indoors!  A big Thank You to Connie over Free Motion by the River for sharing her photography set up. I bought exactly what she suggested.  You can read about it here.

Well after setting up lights, lights and more lights, I started taking pictures.  Testing which group of lights worked best.   Most people don't realize an entire day can be spent taking pictures and editing them.  There's been many times it would take 2 or 3 days when the lighting is bad.  Getting the perfect shot for marketing isn't easy when you do it yourself.  But I'm learning new tricks all the time from talented quilters like Connie who are willing to share their knowledge.  Bloggers really are a valuable resource.

All of Saturday was spent in the office and taking photos.  By Sunday morning I was ready for a little family time. The grand kids live about 3-4 hours away so we can't always be together on the holidays.  A few of us "older" family members met up at my dads for a very low key Easter gathering.  There was no egg hunt or traditional ham feast.  We had sandwiches, chips and a few summer time salads.  Dad being the chef that he is whip a mighty fine Marie Callender Peach Pie.  To me it's not about whats on the table but who's around the table that matters.  I love these easy going family times.  The biggest excitement was my nephew's new to him car.  A Corvette!  He's one of those "car guys".  I see him 2 or 3 times a year and it's almost a sure bet each time he'll have a different new to him car.  This one he  found on the internet.  He flew to Utah to pick it up and drove it back to Indiana.  Never in my life have I considered flying anywhere to purchase a car.  The younger generation are definitely an adventurous bunch.   Dad also is a "car guy".  He is one man with 4 vehicles.  So he was all over the new hot rod parked in his drive.

It was just the 4 of us, me and dad and my niece and nephew.  My boys had other adventurous plans.  To find out what they were up to was easy.  They love to post their small vacations on Instagram.  This is my oldest, Derek enjoying nature.  I've not had the chance to ask him what he was doing on the fallen tree but he looks to be content whatever he's doing.  

 Remember when I told you they were modern day hippies?  Well this is what they consider good overnight accommodations.  No room service or Continental breakfast here!  Mr. Podunk and I have done this style of camping but it ended about 5 years ago.  Nowadays we are the cabin renting kind of campers.  It's nice to have running water and a bed after years of roughing it.

 This part of their trip looks like pure heaven to me.  The sound of a river is the best sound in the world.  It picks up your worries and takes them down stream, leaving you feeling like a new person.  Anytime we camp, we always get a place right by the river.  The sound of the river will give you the best nights sleep you've had in months.  

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  1. Hearing any kind of water is so peaceful, unless is coming through your ceiling! :D Happy Easter!

  2. I don't even have space for an indoor photo set up. As long as the winds don't blow too hard, I can always photograph outside. Wish I had space for a long arm machine too, but nope, so I quilt smaller things and pay for the larger quilts to be quilted. A woman in my knitting group bought a new car online and it was going to get delivered to her. I don't think I could do that without trying it first. I have purchased a new and some used sewing machines online though.

  3. I didn't realize that the photos would consume so much time. But oh so worth it in the end.

  4. The sound of water flowing is very peaceful! We're right there with your dad and nephew on the car thing. There are two of us and we have four vehicles-two mustangs, a truck and our "grandkid" SUV!! You are so right about other bloggers - I've learned so much from all of you since I started this journey about a year and a half ago! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! Connie was also especially helpful to me getting started - and still is!!

  5. a river picks up your worries and carries it away... very beautiful imagery. The photo center looks so professional! And the corvette! That's from my era... I once dated a sportscar salesman and he'd pick me up in a different fancy car every date! I'd never fly to purchase a car either!

  6. Love all the outdoorsy photos! I too loved fishing and camping when I was younger. I think I took more photos than I spent fishing. The man on the corner restored an old pick up. I don't know the make or model but I love seeing it when he drives around our subdivision. He painted it orange! One of my favorite colors. I watch Flosstube videos on You Tube and the light issue seems to be an issue with so many of them. Then they show the cover of the pattern their working on and no wonder I never wanted to buy the pattern-they are dark and dreary. I don't have a local needlework shop to visit so I don't see all the models on the wall and can't believe how pretty some of the designs are stitched up! Not everyone has horrible photos of the project but some definitely need to invest in some lighting. Have a great evening


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