Monday, April 1, 2019

~ Is it Vintage? ~

About 3 or 4 weeks ago I was contacted by Janice from the Color Creating and Quilting blog.  She was purging her stash when she found a piece that reminded her of me.  She kindly offered to send it to me.   How could I resist?!  It is so cute.  This piece is folded for picture taking.  It's about 18" wide by 6' long.  I'm wondering if it was a  table cloth at one time.  I've seen old tablecloths with what looks to be a selvage edge but it was the finished edge.  When I folded this for the picture it occurred to me that this would be super adorable made into a tea towels or an apron.  

Janice knows me well, red gingham and doesn't get any better or sweeter.  I could also see this made into a window valance.  So many creative ideas are flowing. 

For now I'm going to leave it as is because I can't bare to cut the little darling.  She's been folded to look like a tea towel and added to the decor on top of the fabric cabinet in the Studio.

I just had to share Janice's note paper.  It says it all!  This too is so me!  Love it! Thanks Janice for making my day, my week, my month.  I'm not sure if you knew it, April(today the 1st) is my birthday month, so your cherry gift was the perfect birthday surprise.  

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  1. Not vintage yet. But not sure when I bought mine.

  2. Happy Birthday! :) It reminds me of the panels and fabrics of such we could get YEARS AGO at Walmart (Daisy Kingdom, craft panels printed for making baskets, bears, holiday door panels, etc..) I STILL have some of this fabric and panels I need to use. I don't know why I'm "saving"..........


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