Monday, April 15, 2019

~ Staying organized ~

With the new warmer weather comes new daily chores added to my already busy schedule.  At the top of the list is planting the veggie garden.  Then there's training our German Shepard Khaleesi.  I often leave my studio right in the middle of working on a project.  Having reminders to let me know where I was in the process helps save time.  These cute little quilting letters have come in very handy over the last few days.  I'll admit that I don't always use them if I can sit and sew for hours on end.  I'm pretty good about remembering what piece is what as long as I don't need to leave and do something else. 

I made these little letters a few years ago when I was taking care of my mom during her battle with cancer.  During that time I sewed when time permitted.  Which meant it could be days in between sewing times.  The stressful times out of the Studio would wipe my memory clean of where I was in the sewing process.  So the numbers were a great reminder.  They are even more handy when sewing together rows.  It's a real time saver to mark each row with a letter or number and move them all to the sewing table at once.  Using a hole punch to make a hole in the corner and adding a pin keeps them securely in place as I stitch together the rows.  

When they are not in use I store them in a plastic pin container.  I love that pin manufactures have started putting pins in these little reusable containers.  They come handy for so many things.

These are still available as a FREE editable and printable file.   So it requires you do a little work of your own to finish labeling them.   Below is what it would look like if you printed it out as is.

It's a Word file so you can easily edit/change the letters and numbers.  When editing just click on a scallop circle center.  You should see 2 boxes appear. One box will be inside the scallop, click inside that box, type your desired number or letter.  If needed you can change the font size, color and style.

Then all you need to do is print them out onto regular printing paper or card stock is what I used.

Cutting them apart was fast and easy using the rotary cutter.

To get your free quilty letters click here.  This is a Microsoft Word Document.  So it will open up in Microsoft Word where you can edit and print.

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Failure is not an option as long as you are being you!  We often feel like we have failed or fallen short in life.  But the simple truth is we are perfect and succeeding at being ourselves every moment of everyday.  Don't let the little things steal your uniqueness and joy.

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  1. I just realized you are my neighbor! I live in Trafalgar, IN! Howdy!

    1. Well hello neighbor! I'm out by Banta. Just a hop skip and a jump from you! So sad to see the quilt shop close in Trafalgar. It was my go to local shop.

  2. Thank you for the quilting letters and numbers file. That is a great way to keep things in order.

  3. Thanks, Lea Anne! These will be very useful! Great idea!

  4. making organization pretty. Do you make the whole house pretty? Have a red and yellow kitchen? Thank you for that and the little block transport/ organizers too. Scratches to Khaleesi. LeeAnna

  5. Thank you for the document, and give Khaleesi a big hug for me! I think I love her!

  6. I love the number/letter labels. Useful and pretty. So glad Khaleesi looks happy in her new home. I do get more crafting done in the winter unless we get a ton of snow. We don't plant here until Mother's Day or after but we still dig up areas and put down organic fertilizer, etc. We had some really warm days then about 3 or 4 inches of snow Sunday. Weird weather time of the year. Have a great week.

  7. Thanks for these helpers. I made a few additions to the worksheet and then had a copy made yesterday. I know I'm going to love using them. :)


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