Thursday, April 18, 2019

~ Shout out to Em's Scrap Bag ~

Just like most of you everyday I sit down at my computer and read a few blog post.  I have to admit I don't read as many as I used to for a couple of reasons.  Number 1 reason:  Lack of blogs.  Bloggers are leaving the blogging scene and using the quick and easy way of  communicating on social media. Instagram seems to be the hottest thing going these days.    Number 2 reason:  TIME...or the lack there of.   That being said....Time is wasting so lets get right to the point of this blog post.  
Em's Scrapbag, have you heard of this blogger?  Well if not let me tell you, Em is an amazing scrap quilter and designer.  Her blog is always full of color and inspiration.  Again I'll admit I don't always read her posts but I try fit in as many as I can when I get the time.  Anyway.....Somehow I totally missed out on her new quilt along this year.....let me rephrase that...her FREE quilt along.  The photo below is what caught my eye as I scrolled through Blogger Reader.  Aren't these little houses just darling?

As I read through the blog post I realized this was a quilt along.  How did I miss that?  When did it start?  Is there an introduction page?  After a few clicks on her blog I found the answers to all my questions.  Click here for the Page with all the links each part of the QAL.  The first post about the QAL was in January, then every month since.  Boy do I feel like a doof.  Somehow I've overlooked every post since January.  We'll blame it on the dog!   The picture below shows the QAL quilt minus the have got to see the scrappy center.  The center is so me.  I'd love to jump right in my pile-o-scraps and start stitching.   

Don't forget to check out Em's weekly link up.  There's always something new and exciting being shared by other bloggers.  The theme for the linky party is all about making progress and moving forward on projects.  Hence the name Moving it Forward Monday.  Hop over and join the party!

As I mentioned early Em is also a quilt pattern designer.  Almost all of her patterns use scraps.  You can find her pattern shop here.  Don't forget to check out her homemade soaps.....I LOVE LOVE LOVE her soaps.  I've been using them for over a year now.  It's the only bars of soap I use.  Let me say I am in no way affiliated with Em other than I'm one happy customer and I love her soap.  I do not and will  not receive anything for this shout out to Em's shop. 

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  1. Yep, I love Em's blog too, and am working on one of her designs as a leader/ender project. Look forward to seeing your quilt, I love your colour combinations, Lea Anne! Spring has arrived in Northumberland, had lovely weather for a couple of days, hope it continues!

  2. Too cute...I really enjoy seeing new quilts and ideas..


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