Sunday, April 14, 2019

~ Small Project Progress ~

Slowly but surely my new Spring Blossoms project is coming together.  Thank goodness this is a small project because at this rate it would take months to make a full sized quilt.  Everyday is started with the intentions of sewing all day.  At least I have good intention, right?

 Khaleesi is the main reason for the lack of sewing time.  Everyday, twice a day,  we go out for walks and training.  Everything is new to her so she must sniff and inspect every square inch of the property.  Each day is new adventure with her, Mr. Podunk calls her the "50 First Dates" dog.  I'm sure most of you have seen this movie.  If not let me spoil it for you.  A girl has amnesia, everyday a man who is in love with her tries to make her fall in love with him again.  Well that's how it is with Khaleesi and Mr. Podunk.  She does well with me everyday and has become my loyal protector but Mr. Podunk has to win her trust every morning.  He's normally greeted with a growl.  By the end of the day they have become best buddies.  They go fishing, take a walk, he does a little training with food rewards....but in the morning she looks at him like a stranger.  We know sooner or later she will learn to love him almost as much as she loves me.  But we also know she will always be my dog and my protector.  Yep, best buds!

While Khaleesi explores every last nook and cranny I take the time to enjoy mother nature.  Little signs of spring are starting to pop up in the woods.  This dainty little weed blankets the floor of our wooded area.

The May Apples are a sure sign that mushroom hunting season is upon us.  Mushroom hunting is big thing here in Indiana.  People pay big bucks for a pound of musty nasty wild mushrooms.  Not me, I think they taste like dirt.  But if I find a bunch I'll be happy to sell them to the highest bidder!

As Khaleesi and I continue on our walk I notice the pond is staring to clear up from the heavy spring rains.  

Just last week the water looked like chocolate milk.  That makes for good fishing.  The clearer waters allow the fish to see you so they are a harder to catch.  We catch and release but we also catch and eat from time to time.  There are Catfish, Bass, Bluegill and a few Snapping Turtles in our pond.   We don't eat the Bass but all the rest are fair game!  Last Thursday Mr. Podunk and Khaleesi brought in just enough Bluegill for supper.  DELICIOUS!   Now that we have eaten the first catch of the year we'll start freezing some of our catches for next winters food storage.  

The first real sign of spring is this cute little weed called a Dandelion.  Many people treat their lawns to get rid of the weeds.  We do not.  Dandelions are pretty and should we need to, we can eat them.  No I have never ate a Dandelion, but it's good to know I can if needed.  For now I'm happy enjoying their beauty.   I hope all you find time everyday to enjoy the beauty that mother nature has to offer.  Even if you can't get outside, make it a point to sit by a window for a few minutes a day and admire the wonder gift we been given. 

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  1. I am with you. I think Dandelions are beautiful when they are in full bloom. I detest people who spray their yard. Don't they realize all those toxic chemicals are seeping in their groundwater? Anyway, I love your flower block and hope to sew all day. We just got 2" of snow yesterday. The poor Robins are having a tough time to find worms. I love your blog. I read it everyday.

  2. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who doesn't like mushrooms. Have you ever seen that there is a dandelion wine? I have seen it advertised.


  3. that was wonderful, seeing into your part of the world, and hearing about Khaleesi. 50 first dates analogy made me laugh. It's true. Shepherd have a favorite person and are very loyal. Milo does the same examination daily, of ground he's covered so many times. He has to sniff it all daily to see if anything changed. The pics of nature are so pretty, and those blocks are perfect for spring. LeeAnna

  4. I can't hardly stand the cuteness of those fabrics! My husband is a dandelion eater. Or at least, the roots anyway. I'll pass, thank you. Something in his processing left something to be desired. It tasted like dirt to me. Ugh.


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