Monday, February 1, 2021

On Ringo Lake Quilt Top Finish

 Hello Happy Quilters!  The sun is shining here in Podunk.  Maybe not outside but inside it's sunny and 70 degrees.  The On Ringo Lake quilt top has been finished for a couple of days.  The backing was made from 2 different green prints pulled from my yardage stash.  A yellow backing was my first thought because I knew I had about 8 yards of white dots on yellow but my goodness it was just too much yellow. 

The green print is from Choice Fabrics called Treasures From the Attic.  And the green dots is from RJR called Crazy For Dots and Stripes.

The pattern for On Ringo Lake calls for the inset borders to be the same color as the corners on the nine patches in the image above.  So in my quilt, since I change the colors, the border should be green.  This didn't set well with me.  It looked great on Bonnie's quilt due to the center of the quilt being a little more subdued than my bright fabrics.  Her quilt shown below.

click on image to purchase pattern from Bonnies store.

I played around in EQ with the border color.  If you have been following me for awhile you know I like lots of white in a quilt.  There's no reason other than it pleases my eye.  I'm in no way saying Bonnie's eye is wrong.  We all like what we like.  I like White!  

In the excitement of finally having the top complete I forgot to take a picture of the completed top so you could see the border.  After a little digging I found this picture from when I was testing the piecing of the set in triangles.  If you missed that post you can read more about it here.

Before putting this bright beauty on the frame I still need to make the label and the binding. The reason I do this is so if it becomes a UFO I have everything needed to finish the quilt someday.  In the past I would store the quilt top by itself.  And when the day came that I finally decided to quilt it I would struggle to find matching bindings and backings.  Making the backing, binding and label along with the top allows me to store them all together in a plastic bag as a kit for later quilting.  Yes I said plastic....I know the "experts" say that's a no-no but I'm not into the quilt police nonsense.
Do you store your quilt tops with the backing, binding and label together as a finishing kit?

One more question:  I'm considering two different names for this quilt.  On Podunk Pond or  A Podunk Picnic, which would you choose? Leave a comment below. 

 By the way, if you are not getting an email response from me when you leave a message it's because you are a not comment blogger.    

Our morning walk....she's on the MOO-VE!

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  1. I am a comment blogger but still not getting comments from my blog. messed up !

  2. I don't store my tops with the backing and binding, but like this idea. Looking at your options, I was hoping you had picked the white border fabrics and you did! It's such a beautiful quilt. I like A Podunk Picnic for the name. :)

  3. A Podunk Picnic is what I'd name it. If it had lots of blues, I'd think about a pond. Always impressed with your choices.

  4. I’m going with Podunk Picnic. Great border color choice! I do try and pick my backing and binding fabric when I start a quilt, especially knowing those fabrics might not be available later if there’s a favorite I’m wanting to choose.

  5. Your quilt is beautiful!
    I usually pick my backing after I finish the top and consider binding as I'm working on the top--sometimes depends on which leftover fabric I have enough to do the trick!
    I'd also go with Podunk Picnic!

  6. Your quilt is such a happy quilt, just love it! I would choose the green or yellow for the border but that's me. Podunk Picnic sounds like the perfect name!

  7. Podunk Picnic is perfect! I love your idea of having the backing etc for it. I never thought to do it!
    Lovely, lovely quilt! Can't wait to get started on mine.

  8. I always pack my binding away with a ufo. But I think I’ll be packing the backing away too now. Any ideas where a good way to learn how to piece a backing. It seems it would be so much easier to choose colors. Backing colors are really limited!

  9. I like the name " a Podunk picnic" for your quilt- its so bright and cheery - like your idea of storing back/binding and quilt top together until completed- going to incorporate your idea- Thanks

  10. Wow! Another beauty from you Lea Anne!!! I can count on you to make something beautiful! My taste is always pleased by your choices! Thanks for adding the clips about Khaleesi, I am allergic to dogs and cats, but love them, so it is almost like having one to see her!! And I remember when she was so scared, and look at her now! Good job of rescuing her!!! It warms my heart to see her so happy.
    I like the name Podunk Picnic. And, I love the colors, and the white!
    Also, fyi, when your blog comes into my email, it won't scroll down, only the first pix show, so I have to go to your website to read the whole post.Technology baffles me!

  11. I like Podunk Picnic for the name of your bright cheerful quilt. After struggling with finding backing, and especially binding fabrics, when finally ready to quilt UFOs I now bundle them all together.

  12. Podunk Picnic, and I store every thing together--top, backing. label and binding. Otherwise I would be lost trying to find everything that went with the top :-)


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