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Nifty Notions #8 Purple Hobbies Binding Wheel

 One day a few weeks ago I was visiting my most loved online quilt shops looking for new to me notions.  As you know I have reviewed several Purple Hobbies products in the last year.  So I decided to pop over to the website to see if there was anything new.   And look what I found.  Isn't it the cutest little Ferris Wheel ever?  Without hesitation it was in my cart and on it's way to Podunk. 

Before the review I want to let you know I don't get paid in anyway to review the Purple Hobbies products.  I don't receive money for you clicking on links.  This is an honest review. 

 Heather of Purple Hobbies has given me a discount code to share with you and that's all I get and really that's not for me it's for you.  You will find the code near the end of this post under Review Results.

  Waiting to use this was so hard but I needed a quilt to put binding on so I had to wait.  Sure I played with it, in and out of the box.  Spinning it, looking at the construction of it.  I even put some odd scrap pieces of binding on it a time or two.  But I didn't cheat.  You will get to see it in use at the sewing machine for the first in todays post and video at the bottom of this post.

Finally the day has arrived.  

My first try loading the Binding Wheel was not successful.  My binding was in a big pile an it caused the binding to pull on the wheel and not flow freely.  So I decided to see if fan folding the binding would help make the loading a little easier.  

Attaching the binding to the wheel is easy after fan folding.  Loading the wheel is easy, just slide it through the slot in the center. 

Notice the binding under the brace at the bottom of the wheel.  This helps to guide the binding as you spin.  

 I should mention I cut my binding 1 3/4" wide then folded it in half.  This is pretty small.  Most bindings are 2.25" or 2.5".  As you can see there's plenty of room for a wider binding.  The instructions state the wheel can hold enough binding for a king size quilt.

And then all I need to do was start spinning.  Using my left and to spin the wheel and my right to guide the binding.  

TADA!  That was fast!  378 inches of binding in less than a minute!

The suggested way to use the Binding Wheel is to set it on the floor.  But I'm going to get a little wild and crazy.  Let's try setting on the table beside the machine.  

It stayed right there the entire time. When I came to the corners of the quilt I would pull out about an extra 18 inches just to be safe.  The wheel never even offered to slide off the table while doing all the shifting and turning of he quilt.  

The wheel spins so freely the slightest little tug and ZOOM, there's more binding ready to be stitched down.  It worked so well I never even tried it on the floor.  But if your tabletop has limited space put it on the floor as suggested.  

1. Cost

$25 - I don't regret my purchase and would buy it again should it somehow break.
  If you use the code PodunkPretties at checkout on the Purple Hobbies website you will receive 20% off your entire cart.  The code expires 12/31/21.  Use it now and/or use it again later in the year. 

2. Ease of Use

Yes, very easy to use.  I was shocked how smoothly the wheel turns.  It made spinning the binding onto the wheel very quick and easy.  I was also pretty amazed that it did not even offer to fall off my sewing table.


It took more time to prepare my binding to be put on the quilt.  BUT it made the process of sewing the binding to the quilt much quicker.   No more stepping on the binding or rolling over it with my chair.  No readjusting the binding out of the way.  

Here's a video tutorial for using the Binding Wheel.  As usual, pardon the mishaps and video editing errors.  I'm a one man band and learning.  The video is made for YouTube so there's some information at the being of the video to let new comers get to know me a little.

If you would like to see more of my product reviews click on the Nifty Notions image below or here.  Or in the sidebar of my blog.  This will take you to all the Nifty Notions Reviews starting with the first one to the most current.

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  1. Thanks, Lea Anne. Been thinking of getting something to help with keeping my bindings neat and tidy while I apply them to the quilts. This does fit the bill and I appreciate your review. Thanks, too, for the coupon. Will be using it shortly. :)

  2. Thank you -- I ordered this already! Thanks to your recommendation I also picked up their used rotary blade holder that you can chain piece and cut apart so easy! Love it - now can't wait for the Ferris wheel!!

  3. I really enjoy these reviews. Thanks

  4. I really appreciate your honest reviews, Lea Anne. And I can sure relate to running over the binding with the chair! Sounds like a good tool. I love gadgets.

  5. Love the review! Anything to make wrangling all that binding easier!! Hugs, H

  6. Good morning! I like to cut my binding strips at 3” and double fold, making the binding 1.5” before sewing to the quilt. Will the wheel accommodate the larger width? If it does, will be a Godsend. I too get binding tangled and it drives me nuts!


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