Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Simple Chain Blocks

 Well yesterday didn't go quite as planned.  The 15 easy chain blocks could have easily been put together.  But you know how it is, you can plan but sometimes the powers that be have other plans.  Not that it was a horrible day, nothing bad happened.  Since it's just us I'll tell you a secret.  I screen phone calls.  There's a handful of people at the top of my list of "you must answer".  Almost everyone of them called yesterday.  So that's my excuse and I don't regret it but it was a little disappointing.  Three quilt blocks is better than no quilt blocks.  

I could have sewn one or two more blocks had I not used a separate project for my leaders and enders.  But I wanted to stay true to the leaders and enders method of sewing two quilts at one time.

I was all set up and ready to have a stitch marathon today and then.....I took a nap this morning.  Well you now I am a grandma, and grandma's take naps every now and then.  I can still get these done today.
I think I can
I think I can
I think I can
Wish me luck!

With the help of Investigation ID I'll have the next twelve blocks completed in no time. Provided the phone doesn't ring.

Hopefully my batting order will show up today.   I like having a quilt on the frame and a quilt top being made at the same time.  This allows me to stand awhile and sit awhile.  I can't wait to get this girl quilted and on display.

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  1. yesterday was phone day for me too! Glad to talk to friends anytime they call, right?
    I don't know investigation id show


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