Monday, February 22, 2021

On Ringo Lake(A Podunk Picnic) Finish

 Finishing a Quiltville Mystery is a major accomplishment in my quilting world.  I don't typically make quilts with so many little pieces.  Bonnie style of quilting is a little bit more classic/traditional than my style.  Every once in awhile it's good to get out of the comfort zone.

The challenge isn't just in the tiny pieces that are for the most part cut individually.  Choosing fabrics for a mystery can be challenging since I almost always change the colors.  Thank goodness she gives us a month to choose fabrics before the first clue is released.  It usually takes that long for me to commit to a color pallet.   My scrap bins are not over flowing with my pallet of choice.  So when I make a Bonnie quilt I'm cutting from scraps all the way up to yardage.

I'm not one of those quilters who counts how many prints or how many pieces are in a quilt but I can tell you there is A LOT of both in mine.  One of the good things about finally finishing this quilt is I can finally put all those larger pieces of fabric back in my stash cabinet.

Quilting this beauty went fairly quick since I chose to to almost 100% free motion.  My quilting plan was to keep the quilting fairly light.  I had an idea but the idea didn't work, so I just added a little more quilting until I was satisfied with the look of the quilting.  My plan was to only quilt in the white areas and the yellow sashing pieces.  In my mind it looked great but once on the quilt it left to much poof in the corners of the blocks.  Adding quilting to the yellow and green areas of each corner balanced out the quilting and pleased my picky eyes.  I also hadn't planned to do feathers in the border.  The plan was for straight line ruler work.  But feathers are quicker so feathers it is.  

The backing is pretty boring compared to the front of the quilt.   Just one happy little yellow heart for the label.  I've recently started adding the label to the backing before quilting the quilt.  This is a sure fire way to make sure the label is never removed.  It also seems to be faster than adding after quilting the quilt.  The white fabric on the back was also used for the binding.  I love how the white binding lets the quilt just fade off instead of having an abrupt ending frame.

The backing was two pieces of yardage I already had in the stash.  I was planning on a yellow floral but it was just too much yellow.  

My quilt labels for the last year or so have been simple white squares with a frame using scraps of fabric from the quilt.  This time I decided to get a little wild and crazy and make a cute little heart block.  I've also put together a quilt label making kit.  In my kit is everything I need to make the same size label for every quilt.  Anyone interested in how to make a quilt label kit?  

A Podunk Picnic is ready to be cuddled and loved.  I can't wait to put her on the guest bed later in the week.  So you'll probably see it at least one more time this week.  But for now it's time to just relax and enjoy the snow. Playtime, Let's make a Snowman!

Yes my friends I love snow.  It's so pretty.  Podunk in winter is brown.  Brown grass, brown trees, brown farm fields all around us.  BROWN with gray skies.  The pretty white snow brightens things up a bit and gives me and Mr. Podunk the opportunity to let our inner child come out to play.  Every year we try to make at least one snowman.  I make the bottom ball of snow and he makes he top two balls since they are too heavy for me to lift.  Dried up coneflowers for the eyes, dried gaillardia for the nose and a brick chip for the mouth.  Mr. Podunk made the arms and I added the accessories.  It was Mr. Podunk's idea to add the sign. 

The sign was a birthday gift from my best quilting buddy Bev.  I've been a quilter for 30+ years but this blog began in 2011.  Wow, it's hard to believe I've been chatting away about quilting for 10 yrs. 

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  1. Your quilt is beautiful, and the quilting is perfect on it! And you are right about all those little pieces!! I don't think I would ever finish a quilt with so many!! :-) Cute snowman too: love the sign! I love the bit of humor on it! Hugs, H

  2. I love everything about your quilt Lea Anne. Thanks for showing the details too.

  3. Your quilt is beautiful! I like how you made the quilt your own by using the colors you love. I think I'd sleep under her before putting her on the guest bed. Have a great week of happy stitching!

  4. Your quilt is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing your journey!
    I'd love to see how you make your label?

  5. I always enjoy your posts. You are so generous with your creative ideas. Yes, I would love to see how you make your label kit, and what a genius idea!

  6. What a beautiful finish! I've enjoyed watching this. It's just perfect! I like your label idea too.
    Thanks so much! Oh- Mr. Snowman is cute! :)

  7. I love your quilt and the label is great! I would like to see how you make your kit.
    I have to say that I like snow but I’m in the NE and we have had enough! Two 2 foot snows plus 6-8 inches almost every other day. I live at an elevation in the mountains so I get more than most. Enough already!
    Thanks fir sharing!

  8. Podunk Picnic is a beauty! I just love how you quilted it... feathers are the best. Your idea for the label is a great one, too. I am going to have to remember that one. And cute snowman!

  9. Beautiful quilt. Love the bright colors. Awesome snowman, too .. haha

  10. Fantastic finish on your quilt. I love your pretty colors.
    A great snowman too. Looks like fun!

  11. Yes I would like to see your "label making kit"
    I have said it before and I will say it again I love your colors for this quilt.

  12. Your quilt is beautiful! I just love all of the yellow in this happy quilt.

  13. So cheerful! I like the label. The yellow heart seems just right. I have added labels a few times before quilting. It's nice to know they stay there.

  14. So pretty. Yes, Bonnie's quilts are filled with lots of pieces so it's quite an accomplishment to finish one - congrats! Yes, I'm interested in the quilt label kit. Are you talking about telling us what to have in it and giving us some ideas for blocks?

  15. I just love it!! you chose amazing colors - and your quilting is just perfect for it! It looks so happy against the snow!!


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