Sunday, May 9, 2021

Happy Mother's Day , Visiting Dad

 Wishing you all a Blessed Mother's Day!  Hope you are able to spend a little time with those you love today.

As for me and my family we chose once again to stay apart due to not being able to stay outside and a safe distance apart.  As soon as the weather is warmer and we can be outside we will have a little shindig!

My dad pretty much calls the shots when it comes to whether or not we visit.  He's the oldest and most likely to be effected by our current situation.  I visit with him at least once a week and take him some food.  Sometimes it's a sweet treat and other times it's a nice home cooked meal.  He's always happy to have company and share the progress his making around the property.

Gardening is new to dad.  He would buy the flowers, mom would plant them or tell him where to plant them.  There's very few of them that he can name.  Weeding flower beds can be difficult when you don't have a clue what most plants are before blooming.  Of course he's plucked out a few keepers but I would never tell him.  It's nice to see him doing his best to keep it looking nice.

This Snowball Bush is looking pretty good this year.  It was a gift from my son to my mom about 2 years before she passed.  It's one of the last things she planted. 

Dad was also very eager to show off his old Coke machine he finally hooked up.  It's been sitting on the porch of his detached garage for awhile but he hadn't plugged it in or loaded it with soda.

Of course he wanted to show me everything about it.

This gave me a chuckle.  It holds more than Coke!  My dad rarely drinks but he's ready for those who do.  It's a man thing I guess.


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Gretchen Weaver said...

You are fortunate to still have a parent alive. Every day is father's day for you. How nice he is taking care of the flowers and plants at his home.

Rebecca Grace said...

Those poppies and the snowball bush are beautiful, all the more so for you I'm sure. Funny how ordinary things take on such heightened significance when they connect you to a loved one who has passed. I'm glad you and your dad are spending time together and yes, his Coke machine is VERY cool!

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