Thursday, July 5, 2012

Meds may be needed

The football quilt is well on its way.....loaded and started quilting when...

.....I remembered that I needed to finish the chair covers for a customer...thank goodness these are done and out of the way.

While putting away the chair covers the magazines were all a mess so I had to organize them....

 ...Man there's some cute and easy patterns in I made this yesterday, not sure I'll stay with this layout....

And the cutest little pile of scraps....I'm thinking maybe a small pillow!

This is why I need meds so I can stay on task!

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  1. Cool quilt pattern on the football quilt

  2. Question: what do you use to draw the pattern on the fabric before beginning the quilting? I had such difficulty transferring a pattern to fabric that wondering what others use.


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