Monday, July 30, 2012

Don't touch the Daisies!

 Took a break from frame quilting this weekend and made this little cutie.  The pattern is called Don't Touch Me, designed by AMANDA.  So I decided to call my version Don't touch the Daisies.   You can find the pattern at HERE AT THE CRAFTSY WEBSITE.  It was such a fun and quick pattern to put together.  Her instructions were very well written.  You know how sometimes you get a pattern or a quilt book you have to go on a wild search of information to find out what in the world they are talking about.  Not with this pattern, she explains everything, which I need sometimes...LOL! When choosing the fabric for this I was in the mood for girly fun!  And what are a bunch of girls but LOUD!  And this little quilt is loud....I love it!
Very seldom do I use verigated thread but it worked so well with this quilt, added a little more demension don't you think?  

Until next time....Quilt out of your comfort zone!  (Pssst...verigated thread was out of my comfort zone) Pin It


  1. Variegated thread doesn't look as pleasing when it's on the spool, but once it makes it's way to the fabric I have noticed it blends in very well.

  2. This quilt is beautiful! I love the flowers as the background fabric! And I was super excited to see this's been a rough day over here. My son is cranky (teething??). But such a awesome quilt and wonderful review totally made my day.


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