Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Romance quilt progress

My week so far has been running my mom to one doctors appointment after another.  Not sure that it qualifies for quality time spent together but we've definatly done the time and both of us are completely wore out from the experience.  Next week I'll be babysitting her after her hysterectomy, so my dad can go to work and not worry about her getting around  and eating.  So again I'll be a little Missing In Action on the Blog. 

Even though I've been on the go I'v manage to work in a little sewing time.  Summer Romance is coming along slowly and I'm loving how its turning out so far.  Believe it or not it took me two days to finish the cross hatching in side the flowers....shewwwww.....and the micro stippling is even more intense and hard on my eyes.  Ross asked me who gets this quilt when finished, NO ONE!  Its mine all mine and he's not allowed to touch it.  Just like a kid, even though he's 48, I'll have to keep a close eye on him.....LOL

Our guild does a BOM.   Last month we were challenged to make a table runner out of the block.  I started it but of course I didn't have it finished in time for the meeting.  I'll have a late entry for next months meeting, but no prizes for completion when a month late.  Better late than never and I love this little table runner.  I used the cherry fabric because our kitchen has all sorts of different berries on the wall paper.  Its not as wavy as it looks here. Red gigham fabric is actually an old sheet so I chose not to quilt that area because the fabric is to tightly weaved.

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  1. Wow the quilting is amazing...I wouldn't blame you for not having the heart to give it away.

  2. hope all goes well for your mum xx
    quilt looking wonderful

  3. I love your quilting. I love seeing what you can do, especially since we have the same makes me hopeful that I can get better. :)


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