Thursday, July 26, 2012

Football quilt ready for its new home

Can you see the footballs on either side?  They are there I promise.  I'm glad this one is going to its new home.  It took forever because I found the quilting to be boring.  But I really dont think feathers and swirls would've looked good...LOL
Well I hate brag and run, but you know how it is time is wastin!
Till next time.....Quilt out of your comfort zone you won't be disappointed! Pin It


  1. Hi Lea Anne!

    My son picked out this quilt (yours) and wants me to make it for him.
    I have no idea how to make this applique pattern. Did you purchase it or make it?
    If made by you, could I possibly buy the pattern?

    Thanks so Much!

    1. I made the pattern in EQ7. But you could a photo editing program and a smaller print of the logo, and chose the poster print on your printer. I can't sell The colt logo, its copyrighted. Sorry I oculdn't be of more help.


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