Sunday, July 8, 2012

Marking quilt tools

Recently I was asked how I mark my quilts.  So here's all my marking tools.  Most of the time I use either Mark-B-Gone pens ( spritz with water and its gone!) or chalk for darker fabrics.  Dritz makes a great chalk pen that I broke so I found that their lead will fit in a regular mechanical pencil.  Thats the orange pen with the red tape, ain't pretty but it works.  The red tape lets me know that its not a regular pencil.  The little wheel thingy I rarely use, its more for dressmakers, but I've had it since I was a teenager so its stays in the pile.  The Disappearing ink is great if you work quick.  There was one time I walked away for about an hour and came back and the design was gone!  So choose your tool of choice wisely.  The pounce sounded great but I wasn't impressed, one good feature of the pounce is the chalk in it disappears with the touch of an iron.  The gray pencil and two white pencil are EZ quilting pencils, Its a LIE they dont want to wash out, and erasing makes a huge mess on your quilt.  I sometimes use these for marking HST's because the line will be on the inside of the quilt. 


For copying/transferring hand embroidery designs(which I've never done, I've always traced with a light box and a pen of some sort) theres these fine gadgets.  You can find a tutorial HERE on how to use these products.  I'll be purchasing some of these new to me pens when I work on my CHERRY TWEET quilt.  Shopping around on the internet and found THIS and THIS .  Hope this helps demystify a few things.  If not feel free to ask!

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