Friday, July 6, 2012

Twice in one day

Can you believe this!  Never in my years of sewing has this happened so many times in one day.  Honestly rarely do I bend a pin when running over them.  Okay so when I bought the machine the dealer told me not to run over the pins but I've been running over pins for years!  Since I was  a little girl.   So now I'm pulling every pin right before I run over it.  Its become a game to see how fast and close I can get before I stop.  Sad I know but its entertainment in my small mind.

Playing around in EQ with the quilt top currently in progess.  Deciding weather or not to make a fancy border.  Of course this isn't part of the pattern from the magazine.  Seems the pattern always gets altered.  Also thinking of some appliqued flowers....hummm....who knows how it'll turn out. 

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  1. I ran over pins all the time with my old machine but with the new one the dealer asked me not to and I am afraid to, but can't quite understand the rationale behind it. Does it disturb the fine tuning of the needle position?


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