Monday, March 16, 2015

Podunk Posy quilt block tutorial (lots of pics)

This is the first of several tutorials that I'll be sharing over the next couple of weeks.  Several Podunk Posy's will make up the border on my current quilt project.  Normally I don't make the border first, buy since so many of my followers expressed an interest in using the block in other projects I wanted to get this tutorial posted A.S.A.P.   You can see my plans for the rest of the quilt HERE.

Before we get started let's go over a few things that could be helpful.  All seams are a quarter inch.  Press seams to the dark unless stated otherwise.  I also  assume that you know to always sew pieces with right sides together.  This pattern has only been tested by me.  I draw up a plan, and make a block.  Then write a pattern then make another test block from my own instructions.  That doesn't mean that I won't make a typo or just simply write down something wrong.  May I suggest that you make one test block of your own before cutting out several blocks.  Should you find an error please feel free to contact me so I can get it corrected A.S.A.P.  

If your making the quilt with the inner border you will need 36 Podunk Posy blocks, 32 blocks if your making the quilt without the inner border.

For each block you will need

White or background fabric
(2) 4.25" squares
(2) 3.25" x 3.5"
(1) 3" square
(2) 2" x 3.25" typo below states (2) 2" x 3.75"
(1) 1.5" x 2.5"
(5) 1.5" squares

(1) 1" x 7"

Posy (aqua dots)
(1) 3" square
(1) 2.5" square
(1) 1.5" dark aqua square

Leaves(green floral)
(2) 2.5" x 3.25"

Cut both 4.25" squares in half diagonally.  Mark 4 of the 1.5" squares and the 3" square with a diagonal line.

I've laid out all the pieces for my block on a mini design board beside my sewing machine.  The white and aqua 3" squares are placed rights sides together.  And the 4 diagonally marked 1.5" squares have been laid on the green leaves print.

On the 3" squares stitch a quarter inch away from the line on both sides.
On the leaves stitch on the drawn line.  TIP  instead of stitching directly on the line, stitch just to the right of the line as shown below.

Cut as shown below and press. You'll end up with 2 Half square triangles and 2 leaves.

Square up the two Half square triangles to 2.5".

Lets piece the posy first by stitching together one HST and the 2.5 aqua square as shown below.   Press towards the square.

Sew together the 1.5" white and the 1.5" dark aqua.
Press this seam open.

Sew the 1.5" x 2.5" white to the last unit made. Press towards the white.

Sew together the two units as shown below.
press away from the HST.

Now just sew the two units together!  And TADA a Posy!

Fold all the triangle pieces in half and make a crease as shown.
Line up that crease with the seam on the Posy and stitch.

Press .  If you want to cut off those wings now you can,  I waited until after the next step.

Add the other two triangles and clip those wings!
Press .

This block is a bit over sized and will need to be squared up to 6.5".   It's important to make sure you have a half inch from the bottom of the Posy to the edge of the block.

Now cut off that half inch at the bottom of the block.  I know it seems silly to square it up to 6.5" and then cut off the bottom half inch but it seemed easier for a new quilter to understand.

Okay lets sew together all the pieces to the left of the stem, pressing away from the leaves.

Stitch together the right side and press away from the leaves.( I forgot a picture, but you all got this!)

Sew both leaf units to the green stem.

Center the stem onto the Posy and pin, then stitch for the finish!  Press open.  If you're making the Podunk Posy quilt scrappy, you might want to leave the top posy unit and the stems and leaves units separate for now.  Stitching them together after you lay them out on a design wall.  

If you are making my quilt design with out inner borders you will need 32 Podunk Posies, with inner borders 36 Posies.  If your making your own quilt design I'd love to see it and share it here.  So send me some pictures or link to your post and I'll link back.
OOPS!  forgot to tell you that the block is 6.5 X 12.5 at this stage.

~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. Thank you so much for your posy pattern! Let me ask 1 question. When making the posy top, square up block to 6.5" making sure there is .5" below the bottom of the posy. Then we cut off the .5", making the block 6.5"x6". Do I understand that correctly?

    1. Yep, It seemed easier to explain how to get the block dimension correct.

  2. Thanks for the pattern for the lovely block.

  3. Thanks so much for the tutorial! Can't wait to make one and have no idea yet what I will use it for. My little brain is still whirling with ideas!

  4. Thanks so much for the tutorial! Can't wait to make one and have no idea yet what I will use it for. My little brain is still whirling with ideas!

  5. Woo HOO.....can hardly wait to GROW some tulips. Thank you SEW much. XXX

  6. Too, too cute. Thanks for the directions too!

  7. Thank you for the wonderful pattern...You make it look so easy...Love the spring flower, will have to start making some for my windows, I only see snow....

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  10. Great block. I will use it for my last elephantparade quilt. Thanks for sharing.

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  13. Thanks for sharing your Posies. Sandi

  14. Love those flowers and the colors you chose and they are so SPRING! Nice tutorial too, thank you.

  15. So pretty! I love your little posy blocks, Lea Anne. And so generous of you to share the tutorial. Very well written with great pictures!

  16. Great tutorial and a cute block Lea Anne!

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  27. Sweet block. Podunk Posie is a great name. Thank you for sharing ... :) Pat

  28. Sweet block. Podunk Posie is a great name. Thank you for sharing ... :) Pat

  29. Excellent tutorial. Than you for sharing1


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