Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Air Mail!

Sometimes I can be so childish.  When this package arrived today I was like a little kid and giddy.  AIR MAIL!  I got Air mail, from the UK!  Running with my package to show my sweety.  Of course, he being well traveled wasn't impressed.  Okay I'm not well traveled, heck I barely get out more than 20 miles from home.  But he that traveled for years rolled his eyes when I showed him the Air Mail siticker and address.  So of course the envelope was carefully opened so I could keep it safe tucked away in a scrapbook of my not so traveled life.   Anyway a big thank you to Diane over at  How sweet it was to send me these cute squares of fabric.  My son loves squirrels  I plan to make him something with these.  Pin It

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