Friday, May 25, 2012

Carpenters Wheel Quilt

The past few months I've had the pleasure of teaching 2 newbies to quilt.  We started with a BOM from our local quilt shop.  Everything was going grand until life got in the way for a couple of us and then out of nowhere the quilt show decides to close right in the middle of the BOM.   No matter how well planned you think things are they can change without warning...tis life!  These gals were heart broken that they couldn't finish the quilt(even though we were a little behind).  So I decided to come up with something thats simple to make, repeatative, easy to work on alone.  I'll be using HST papers so the gals can take them home and sew on the line all by themselves and when they finish I can show them the magic of paper piecing these little guys.  Accuracy is the number one most important thing in quilting.  The prettiest pattern and fabric becomes quite an eye sore if you can't match up those seam properly.  I think this will give the WOW factor of quilting and teach them a few simple quilting lessons all in one quilt.  
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