Friday, May 11, 2012

Lets talk thread

Ask any quilter what thread is best and you'll get a wide range of answers.  Ranging from cottons to silk.  Personally I've been a Polyester gal for the last year.  Not just any poly thread it had to be floriani

Well in all my internet browsing I'm running into a pattern.  Many of the longarm quilters out there in cyberland are using a silk thread.  Really!  It gives a much better back tracking.  It hides this method much better.  Well after checking out the thread its a 100 weight thread.  Now thats fine, super fine.  I found this amazing, only because of shredding issues.  Embroidery thread shreds if you have a heavy seam, or if your quilt is to taunt.  So it made me wonder about the Silks.  So off to cyber land to do some research.  And yes there are some adjustments to make to your machine and tricks to the silk thread.  Then I found that Invisafil is much cheaper, stronger and is a blend of cotton and poly and also is 100 weight.   Of course its on its way to my house!  Cant wait to try out this new to me thread.  

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