Monday, May 14, 2012

On the cutting table

Here it is, my new cutting table.  My old one was an old folding table.  Now to decide if I should paint it or not.  Sweety is frowning on the painting.  You know it's a guy thing, he hates painted wood.  Had he used all the same color wood staining or just a clear coat would have been fine.  Cherry and birch are so contrasting.  So watcha think, paint or stain?

After getting all my stuff in my table I decided I better get outside for awhile.  Neglecting my veggie and flower gardens has produced some interesting results.  Not sure this fella is gonna be good eating, biggest radish I've ever grown.

And the wild flower patch, well its become the WILD WEED PATCH.

However the daisy around the house have done quite well this year after moving to there new spot.  My favorite flower, they just seem so happy.
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  1. love the flowers. table looks nice if paint would make it match your other stuff then paint it. You are doing a great job on that quilt she will love it. Love a beginner


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