Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hst Paper Method

Normally I dont use paper piecing for making HST's.  But I found these papers online that can help me teach my newbies class to make them.  You can find them here to print.  Later in the week I'll be posting a a pdf pattern for Summer Stars quilt that I designed in EQ7.  Its beginner friendly and goes together rather quickly with HST papers.  Of course it can be made using whatever method you choose.  I made these today in about 10 minutes.

 Start by printing out paper and pinning it to 2 pieces of fabric that are right sides together
 Lower your stitch length to about 1.8, change your foot to an open toe and sew on the dashed diaginal lines.  When you get to a corner put your needle down, turn and keep sewing on the dashed line. 
It should look like so.....

Trim off the outer edges(solid lines)
 It should look simular to this
 Now dont cut on the diagonal yet.  Cut the 90 degree lines first!  And then you can make that angle cut.
 The one on the right is the one I cut on the diaganal first...OOPS
And look!  Super easy and fast! Another tip;  leave the papers on to press to the dark.  It gives a much nicer seam with no stretching of fabric.  tip 2; leave the papers on till your ready to piece the blocks.
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