Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Playin Catchup

Procrastination is something I do well.  Letting this project get 3 months behind was an easy thing to do.  Over the weekend I decided to play the catchup game.  These fabrics were an impulse buy over a year ago.  Totally out of my comfort zone with the color and print.  Things are coming together quite nicely.  Now to figure out how I'll set them in a quilt when all 12 are finished.  An on point settting is jumping out at me just because it's more of a challenge(well for me it is..HEHE)

But now I'm on top of the procrastination problem, or so I think.  Thinking ahead I cut out several extra squares for the next few months!  Now lets see if they get sewn together on time.  Its a great little sew along that is really simple and easy to follow.  There's still time to join in if you interested you can find it here.  

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