Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Getting the bugs out

Before I gross you out, as my kids would say, I'm gonna show you something nice. It will help to ease the grossness.  These aren't sewn down yet, there's just enough plaid shirts to make 12 different baskets.  I'm leaning towards a large more impressive basket for the center medallion which will be over 30" square if I sash these smaller blocks.
Okay now if you don't like bugs then this where you kindly leave.  I'm being invaded by Rollie Pollies!  They do absolutely no harm to anything in the house because they eat decaying leaves.  They're just lost. They come in and because there's nothing decaying in here they die.   I swept the entire floor last Friday, (I sweep almost daily, but getting under stuff only once a week or so.)  and look!  This is whats behind the Longarm.  YUKKKY!  
After doing some online research it seems that these little boogers are pretty hard to  kill.  There's a spray but we can't use anything harmful to our Beehives which are already having a bad time.  The picture below is what a bad hive looks like.  Basically this shows what a bunch of dumb male bee's will do, Make a mess!  The hive needs a new Queen, so I suppose its your typical bachelor pad.
Well we found a product that's not harmful to us or the bee's but will kill the Rollie Pollie and several other unwanted pests.  Diotomaceous Earth,  It's not a chemical, Its a mined product from within the earth, what I understand it will cut them to death.   Sounds horrible, but whats a gal to do?  The only draw back is as soon as it gets wet its non effective.  We're having an extremely wet year here in Podunk.  I had to find the source of the bug outside and of course it's right outside the door that you see, the north side of the house it a breeding ground for Rollie Pollies.   And how do I know this?  Two weeks ago when transplanting Hosta's just outside this door, when I pulled back the landscaping stone ....I was so glad I had on gloves....girls I'm telling you I've never had so many bugs in my hands....yuk.  They do good work in compost piles, like worms, but they also will destroy tender young seedlings, which we've had problems with in the last couple of years.  
Okay I promise not to gross you out anymore.
Until next time "Quilt out of Your Comfort Zone!"

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  1. You said north side, damp year. Perfect conditions for rollie-pollie or sow bugs as we call them. They eat on damp wood, decking supports or low sitting wood foundations are a favorite. We have had them damage some siding on our house. Get rid of them as quickly as possible, and keep them away. They may be cute bugs and have cute names, but they are destructive. I lift and move things, and kill them in an effort to keep them from eating planters and wood out door furniture legs.


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