Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Setting Goals

In order to get anything done there needs to be a plan right?  Well for me the plan needs to be put into small obtainable goals.  I've found that if I work in the more long term fashion it doesn't work.  Long term?  Okay let's say I want to have this quilt quilted by Friday.  That's long term, but if I break it down into days or hours its more attainable.  So the plan WAS  I want to quilt at least 4 bobbins of background fill.  To me that's obtainable since this background fill is kinda dense.  It's an intense background fill, not at all relaxing.  But the finished look is well worth the effort,  so working in small chunks of time is necessary in order to let me relax and get ready for the next intense quilting session.  So the plan was 4 bobbins.....
 ...then finish invisible machine applique on the last 4 of these.  By that time it should be around noon and I can mow the grass and do some weeding in the flower beds before the rain comes tomorrow.  
That was the plan yesterday.  And one bobbin into the plan and low and behold my dear momma calls.  Plans came to a screeching halt!  She woke up with her neck out of whack, and is very dizzy, which means an emergency trip to the Chiropractor to put her neck back in place.  Why?  Because Wednesday she has an appointment (I'm the chauffeur again) to have the blood flow to her brain checked and when her neck is out whack the blood flow is being pinched off.  If she fails this test they want to do stint...sigh...She can't drive when dizzy and she won't drive into the bigger city on Wednesday by herself, I'm not complaining just stating a fact.  Momma is tad bit spoiled but that's a topic we'll skip.  
In my jammies at 8:15 a.m. talking to momma, by 8:35 I'm dressed and out the door.  By the time I get home it's 1 pm...so...quilting time has passed and I'm now into mowing time.   The yard is now well groomed, and everything on my list is done but the sewing.  So I'll try once more today to reach this goal.  
Do your best laid plans end up like this?

Until next time "Quilt out of Your Comfort Zone!"
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  1. I had ever actually meet my goals! I love the quilting you are doing on your cherries, I pray your mom is better!

  2. My best laid plans always end up like this. So I try not to make plans in the long term just go day to day. Some days it's hour to hour. Liking your quilting on the cherry quilt.

  3. Your Cherry quilt is coming along nicely! Very pretty fill. I hope your Mom feels better very soon. Spine or neck pain is so painful.

  4. Your quilts are exquisite! How long has it taken for you to become as skilled as you are? How did you learn? Did you take classes? Practice? Would Craftsy classes be a good way to learn? I only have a DSM so I doubt my quilts could ever look as beautiful but I hope one day maybe half as beautiful as yours. Thanks for the inspiration. - Julie


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