Monday, June 17, 2013

Whats on the wall Monday!

Good Monday morning!  How is everyone on this totally fantabulous day?!  Yes I said Fantabulous!  Before I get to my stuff this morning I want to let you know I'm linking up with Judy once again.  Anyone can link up so if you have a blog and something to share hop on over to Judy's blog and link up!  We're all nosey and would love to see what you're stitching up!  Also giving out a big Cheery, come on in wave to all the new followers!
Okay now onto my design wall.  This weekend was spent working on Connie's quilt.  It's moving along very quickly.  Hoping to have it completely pieced by Wednesday morning.  It's so nice to work on something inside that comfort zone, it's mindless sewing of squares, allowing my brain to think about other not so comfortable projects, let's the creativeness seep into the chaos that goes on in my brain.
 The shirt blocks still need to be snowballed.  The pattern for the shirts is called "Aloha Shirts"  by Beyond the Reef.  
 I've already cut the squares for the snowballing...and of course there's always time for a little drafting on graph paper.  

Barely even made a dent in the shirts!  I've got some ideas brewing for another quilt.  Something a little more girly...I know Connie is reading this post so I can't tell...LOL!  She hates surprises...hang in there Connie, when I start making them I'll let you in on the secret.  Let me tell you how much she hates surprises.  Her neighbor was out of town for a few days and they had ordered a package.  It was delivered to her house for safe keeping.  Long story short, it drove her nuts till he came, then she made him open it on her porch so she could see what was in it!  I believe her words when telling me the story were "I was about to crazy with that box here and not be able to open it!"  What was in the box?  I don't remember I was to busy laughing at her!
Until next time "Quilt out of Your Comfort Zone!"
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  1. Tell Connie that I love this shirt quilt idea. Wish I had seen it before giving away most of dad's shirts. I still have a few my daughter saved and might be able to make a pillow or small lap quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice shirt quilt. What a great pattern to use some of your shirt collection.


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