Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tulip Basket

After a full day of working on the shirt quilt, the ideas that flooded my brain were trapped and needed out.  At midnight last night I decided to just go work on some of it because I wasn't going to sleep until I did.  So I rummaged through the kitchen cabinets looking for just the right shape.
So glad I didn't throw this stained bowl in the trash, it worked perfectly!
Wanna see whats under that bowl?  TADA!  Shadowing on the tulips means more work,  I can leave it, cut a piece of muslin to go inside each flower or cut away from the backside.  Stems?  It would be cuter!  Maybe, if there's enough of the leaf fabric when I get all the blocks assembled.  The leaf fabric is from a large stripe on one of the shirts, so if I'm careful with my cutting, maybe on the stems.   Notice the button, it's also from the shirts.  And that background fabric is an old sheet that Connie sent in the large bag of shirts.  It might be a booger to quilt, but I've worked with sheets before, its all about finding the right needle and thread combo, I think its manageable if I don't quilt it to death.  
Okay Connie only 11 more blocks to go!  You gonna help me stitch them down!...LOL!
Until next time "Quilt out of your Comfort Zone!"

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  1. Pretty. Who knew shirts and a shirt could make such a nice applique basket design.

  2. Love your idea! Such cute baskets! and including the buttons from the shirts---Perfect!

  3. I'm not usually a basket fan, but I really like your basket and the tulips are cuter than many I've seen.

  4. I love the shape you found. It looks like one I could use for real. The quilt is going to be wonderful.



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