Saturday, June 15, 2013

Just Thinking

Quilters, we come in many different packages.  Some quilters spend more time collecting fabric and patterns than the actual process of quilting.  Some start projects, shove them in the closet and never complete the piecing let alone the quilting and start another that too will get the shove.  And then there's the "I'm taking a quilting class" quilter, that can only complete a quilt with a crowd.  And of course don't forget the quilter that is always looking at fabric and patterns but hardly ever buys a thing.  An the ideal quilter, designs her quilt, purchases the fabric, makes it start to finish before starting another.  Which one are you?  Me I'm a collaboration of all.  But I think my biggest issue is searching for the next project, looking for inspiration.  There's days when I think I should start selling all my books and fabric.  Just start fresh, get rid of all those UFO's also.  And become "The Finisher", "The Ideal Quilter".  Why?  Because look at this!  I was cutting into Connie's shirts, but in my mind I was designing "The Next Big Thang".  And before I knew it I had went through every magazine in the cabinet.  Do I plan on making these?  Well heck no!  I just need INSPIRATION.  It's the crazy plan of plucking an idea from here and there, and make it your own.  Sticking with a pattern is close to impossible.  
 The ones that I thought would work with the new studio theme "RED"
 Well you know Independence Day inspiration...
 Oh look at this nice vintage pattern...
And that's how it goes, everyday!  There's a quilt on the frame, a quilt by the sewing machine that in process and one on the cutting table and design wall.  One waiting on the frame, one waiting for a border before going into the flimsy pile.  We won't even talk about how many flimsy are waiting to be quilted.   I could go on and on but you get the idea, I'm not IDEAL.

Until next time "Quilt Out of your Comfort Zone!"
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  1. It's the eccentricities that define an artist. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

  2. Gosh Lea! I thought you were talking about me! LOL!

  3. That's funny, another blog I'm following was trying to figure out what to do with all of her ufo's. I'm probably going to have to spend next month quilting up at least one quilt, and starting on another.

  4. Haha...but it looks like you had a lot of fun...that's what counts, right?


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