Monday, June 30, 2014

Big block Beauty

It doesn't take long to put a quilt top together when the blocks are HUGE.  Friday morning I started cutting out the blocks.  All that's left to do is it square up and add the simple white borders.  About an 2 hours worth of work.  
Maybe it went together so quickly because there's no actual block.  This quilt was pieced in long diagonal rows.  The block pattern has several names.  Chimney Sweep, Friendship Album, Sarah's Choice, Cabots block are just a few.  Resembling the Granny Square block that was all the rage last year.  Remember last week when I was looking for a pattern for that Civil War Reproduction bundle.  Well I ran across many patterns with this block, usually the block was 10 inches or less.   The wheels started turning later in the week when adding the finishing touches to the Houses quilt.  It's big, modern and Shabby chic all in one.  Love it!
Digging into my stash to find just the right combination of fabrics.  When was the last time you saw REAL Swiss dots fabric?  Look at those cute little fuzzy dots.  This is one of those treasured pieces from my moms stash.  I've inherited it in baby blue and mint green also.   No it's not 100% cotton, but it'll still quilt up just fine.  Swiss dots is a bit stretchy, so handling with care is a must.  
 Now this is Podunk Pretty!
Want a chance to have the Traveling Stash box visit you?  You can still enter here on my blog.  When searching my stash this morning for more pinks I ran across a bundle 1/2 cuts to add to the box.  
  There's still time to enter for a chance for the box to be sent to you, just leave a comment on the Stash box post.
I'm linking up with Judy over at PatchworkTimes for design wall Monday.  

~ Lea Anne ~


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  1. Oh how pretty! I imagine you are going to do something beautiful with the quilting, too!

  2. The flocked dots on "dotted Swiss" replaced the "old" dotted Swiss which was created by weaving little "bunchies" (for lack of a better word) into the otherwise plain fabric. I'm always excited when I see the earlier type because so many fewer still exist. The flocked kind were great for dresses since they wore out rather quickly anyway.
    Your "big, modern, Shabby Chic" all in one is quite lovely--and the memories in the fabrics are treasures!

  3. Great quilt. I love big blocks and quick quilts.

  4. what delicate fabrics you have used for these projects, very nice

  5. Your quilt is lovely. I really like the colors!

  6. Your quilt turned out adorable! I love that Swiss dot fabric!

  7. Sew pretty! I love the low volume color. Sweet.

  8. Wow I thought I was the only one with some of that swiss dot fabric. !! I like the way this turned out.

  9. Love the soft blues and pinks in your new project.

  10. Stopping by from Anything Goes Monday.. so pretty

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