Saturday, December 29, 2018

~ Best of 2018, Part 2 ~

For part 2 of the Best of 2018 hosted by Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs I decided to once again leave it to my fabulous followers.  Today's "best" is the top 5 post that generated the most conversation.  Boy do we quilters love to chat!  Once again I'll be going listing them in order from small to large.  I also didn't include giveaway posts in the list.

What a patriotic group!  This quilt stirred up quite the conversation on all my social media.  I've had several quilters ask for the pattern.  Well I started writing it and when it came time to add the instructions for the border I stopped.  The reason? Finding a way to describe how to made the border on this quilt.  I would hate to have someone buy the pattern, cut the fabric, and then my instructions for the border be unsatisfactory.  The border is what makes this quilt so wonderful.  So if you've been waiting on this pattern I've a question for you.  Would you be ok with no templates for the border?  The instructions would be to measure and eyeball the curve because that's how I made it.  So if you are okay with that, then I would be more than happy to finish the pattern.

I can tell I've a lot of followers that love babies.  This post was to announce my newest grand child, Mason.   We all go ga-ga over babies!  I have to admit every time a see a baby picture I can't help but smile.  I'm not sure why we do this.  Is it because we reminisce about our own children or is it a instinct of being a woman to love all babies?   He has grown so much and soon will be a year old.  But you'll have to wait till then to see how big he has gotten.

Oh How Do I Quilt Thee, 12-17-18, comments 20
The comments on this post were so much fun to read.  It's always interesting to hear what other quilters like and why.   Sometimes something someone says can alter the way I design a quilt or quilt a quilt.  Inspiration can come in many forms.  This post was also hard to share due to I don't have a big fancy machine.  My hope was to inspire others to do the best they can with what they have and keep trying.  It breaks my heart when quilters get discouraged and think the only way to improve their skills is to buy the newest shiny object.  Many beautiful quilts have been made with the very basic of tools.  

Blue Quilt Marker=Brown Marks, 1-16-18, comments 22.
Who hasn't had issues with marking a quilt only to find the marks are permanent.  Over the years I've found there is not one fail safe method.  Just when I think I've found the perfect product to mark my quilts it will fail me.  So all I can do is find a way to fix the problem.  Recently I was thinking about making the switch to Crayola Washable Markers.  They were on my shopping list until a fellow quilter shared her devastating story of the marks staying on the quilt.  Oh that poor lady!  But I was also grateful for her honesty.  And we won't even talk about the horror stories I've read about Frixon pens.  For now I'll stick with this method of marking my quilts until they come out with a fail proof method.

Fudging It, 12-6-18, comments 29.
You just never know when you're going to stir up commotion in blog land.  This turned out to be a great post about getting real.  So many quilters felt relieved knowing the accurate piecing challenge is real.  We all struggle to make great quilts.   I want to thank everyone who came forward and commented on this post about their own quilting struggles.  It was a great discussion that encouraged many quilters to keep moving forward even with a few errors.  We tend to show our best in most situations whether it be about quilting or in our real lives.  It's nice to just let it all hang out and be truthful.  We've all heard the old saying....."Honesty is the best policy".   I think one of my biggest pet peeves in the quilting community is on Facebook and other social media sites when quilters ask other quilters to stop mentioning their mistakes and faults.  If you never acknowledge a mistake you can never improve.  You must first know there is a problem before you can fix it, right?  Right!    But just because we are honest and share our faults does not mean we dwell on them. 

Thanks again for following along on my quilting journey.  I'll see you tomorrow for the last of the
 "Best of 2018" series.  You can see Part 1 by clicking here.  Don't forget to hop over to Meadow Mist Designs to see more Bests of 2018 posts.

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  1. Stars & Stripes border---I am for NO templates--eye ball it, and there are ways to "eye ball" it with no templates. I love the pattern

  2. eye balling would be just great, another part to your post about "not perfect" quilting. [unless , as i do, you consider any quiolting that the quilter loves perfect!]. and while i'm writing, i want to thank you for you blog, something i always smile when i see and love reading, it just makes me feel encouraged to keep at it and love it the way it is. thank you shoshana

  3. Great collection of posts, thanks for linking up!

  4. You know...I think sharing quilting faults only helps more people try quilting. I'm sure there are lots of folks that are afraid to even try quilting because they are afraid to make a mistake....letting them know it's ok, and won't completely ruin a quilt...makes the hobby more approachable! :-) And THAT is speaking from experience! lol!

  5. You did some amazing quilting on your regular machine. I go the other direction with coaxing vintage sewing machines to do their magic. Can't abide the thought of thousands in investment for what is a hobby to me.
    I am also in favor of posting mistakes and faults, soooo helpful to those of us still learning the craft.


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