Sunday, December 2, 2018

~ Cutting Time from Cutting Time ~

Part 2 of the Good Fortune Mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter was revealed on Friday.  One of the reasons I like Bonnie's mystery quilts is the speed at which the clues are released.  The yearly mystery starts on Black Friday and a new clue is released every Friday until the big reveal.  The final clue and quilt reveal can be at anytime it's all part of the fun of this mystery.  But usually it will end  around New Years, give or take a week or two.  Another great thing is you don't need to sign up for anything.  You simply go to Bonnie's blog.  The clue is posted on her blog as a tutorial or there's a PDF you can download and print.  If you would like to join in the fun or just see what all the hubbub is about you can find all the information about the Good Fortune Mystery by Clicking Here.  
The picture below is a few of the HST's for this clue arranged into a sweet little pinwheel.  Playtime is an important part of quilting, right?.....LOL!

The suggested color pallet for this years mystery is bright and happy.  But I've chosen to go a different pallet.  Not an easy decision to make.  Happy and bright is the best colorway!  You can see more about my color choices and Clue 1 here.  After making a few Clue 1 units (48 I think), I decided to narrow down my browns by eliminating the smaller scraps.  

The reason for this is TIME.  I would like to keep up with this mystery. Finishing each clue before the next is released.  Cutting one HST at a time is very time consuming.  Not to mention I'm also piecing another Bonnie quilt at the same time.  You can see the start of my version of On Ringo Lake here.  Since I'm trying to make 2 quilts in record time you would think I would have thought this through and  chosen the fastest and easiest methods for cutting and piecing.  Nope, I had this crazy idea to use the Easy Angle  It's the same as the Essentials Triangle Tool that Bonnie suggests in the directions for clue 1.  The Easy Angle is the ruler Bonnie USED to use for making HST's.   

Here's the video  Bonnie made  that sold me on Easy Angle ruler a few years ago. 

Both rulers are great if your working from strips and have nothing to do but cut fabric for hours on end.  Unfortunately I don't have that kind of time.  Bonnie says to slow down and enjoy the process.  Well sometimes one persons enjoyment is not another's.  Seeing these two quilts quilted and bound by the end of January.....Now that would bring me great joy!    I need to find a quicker way to get this weeks clue done fast.  A few years ago I saw a method on the Fon's and Porter PBS show.  Joe Morton was the guest for the day.  She shared a new to me way of making 8 HST's a time, Magic 8.  Yes 8 at time!  Just make an X on the back of 1 fabric layered with a other fabric square of the same size and ZIPPITY-DO-DAH you have 8 HST's.   It's been so long since last using this method I can't remember if my results were as accurate as the Easy Angle. I'll be doing a test of this method later in the week.  If you would like to try the Magic 8 method here's a good tutorial and printable chart for making them by Karen of Laugh Yourself into Stitches blog.  She also has a YouTube video for the Magic 8 here.

Look at this!  Each one is perfect, no trimming!

All I had to do was clip one little wing from each HST.  They really do turn out perfect.  I just love the two brown prints in the picture below.  Since I'm not working with my normal bright colors I'm looking for things about the fabric or the quilt to keep me excited.  If I lose that excitement the quilt will quickly become a UFO.  You've heard the saying "Its the little things".  How true it is.  Finding enjoyment in the small things can change your whole world.  So while I may not be a fan of brown fabric I do love nature and the colors of fall.  So these little bits of orange and tan nested among the brown remind me how much I love to go walking on sunny but cool fall day.    

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  1. You have made an adventurous change to the colour scheme; I'm interested to see which other colours you're going to use. I did cut my triangles with the EZ angle ruler, four at a time, but then I only made 40! The rest will come as leaders and enders!

  2. Hmmm....brown and red so far. I'll be interested to see what you'll use for Bonnie's green and orange! I am sticking to the cut-large-and-trim method for HSTs. That means I start with 3" squares. I use Eleanor Burns' triangle trim ruler so I trim before the blocks are pressed open.

  3. I have to agree with Frank, Lea Anne!! I love the 8 at a time method!! And yes, one person's enjoyment can be not so much fun for another!

  4. These look great and I love the variety of browns you have!

  5. Can't wait to see how your quilt comes together :)

  6. I cut 2 sets at a time with my neutral down the middle and different blues on both sides. They were quick to piece because they were cut as sets.


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