Monday, December 10, 2018

~ In the Studio all Weekend ~

Happy Monday Quilty Friends!   This weekend started out as a no quilting weekend.  We planned to install the new floor in my office.  As you can see that didn't happen.  Instead I spent the entire weekend happily playing in the Studio.  With my weekend wide open I was able to finish Clue 3 of the Good Fortune Mystery by Bonnie Hunter that was released on Friday.

I was surprised how quick these were to make. Not drawing all those lines really helped cut down on the time.  It's a little different than any of Bonnie's suggestions.  If you missed my post about how I made clue 3 you can see it by CLICKING HERE.

I did a few test blocks and adjusted my stitch path just ever so slightly to get the almost perfect Chevron units.  A few of them were not this pretty but for the most part they all turned out great.  The ones that were not so great were my fault.  You know how it get comfortable and put the peddle to the metal!  And then before you know it your all over the place!  So I would slow down but then the wild side would tap me on the shoulder saying...FASTER! FASTER!  I should never listen inner child Lea Anne.

I'm also glad I starched all my fabrics.  Finger pressing as I went also cut down the time spent working on these.  Not having to press after each step is wonderful.

As I was cleaning up and putting my Chevrons in their box, I couldn't help but think about the design of the mystery quilt.  How would these be used?  Yes they could be used alone but in my matchy matchy mind I see another group of chevrons angled in the other direction.  It's possible, she has done it before with flying geese.  Having us make them in two different clues.  

Well it'll be fun to see what this weeks clue will be.  Oh who am I kidding!  This is hard for me!  I'm not good at waiting for surprises.  I'm that kid that carefully opens and re-wraps Christmas presents, or jumps to the end of the book to read he last 10 pages.  I just want to scream ...SHOW ME THE QUILT!   It 's the inner child screaming, I'm pretty sure it's the same one that tells me to sew faster,  and to refresh Bonnie blog page every minute on Friday mornings.  She's a spoiled brat sometimes.  But we'll keep her around because she is really great at picking out colors for most of my quilts.  She wasn't allowed to pull fabrics for this quilt but the one I'm going to show you tomorrow is all her! 

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  1. Your chevrons look awesome! I did sort of the same thing making my units using the foot as the guide -- and I think I've only ended up with 3 HSTs that are probably too small to use. I love those greens you've used!

  2. Your Colors are very Christmasy at this point. Your Chevrons look super accurate. Way to go.

  3. Looking good! Merry Christmas!

  4. Gorgeous fabrics! I love your selection of greens and your stitching looks perfect.

  5. Great chevrons. I have to remember about my "inner child" It's all her fault when I do crazy things!


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