Saturday, December 22, 2018

~ Tips for piecing Flying Geese ~

Just one more day for sewing and then the holiday festivities will be in full swing.  Today I'm trying to get as much done as I can.  Is there anyone else thinking about taking a sewing project along with them while visiting the family?  Is that rude?  My Mother in law has a sewing, with a sewing machine so I could take these with me...I won't, I'm just kidding.

Pushing the sewing process will often times result in simple errors going unnoticed.  So I'm trying to use a quality control check list as I sew.  This idea comes from years of working in a factory.  The checklist is a mental list that is repeated the same with every piece.  Before layering the next square of fabric on top of the flying geese unit below I noticed my first quality check was bad.  It looks good from here and it's easy to miss.  So lets take a closer look.

 See those stitches showing at the end? Those will cause some big issues.   It's just an error in pressing.  All that needs to be done is to roll the white fabric back a little bit more.  Then give it a little press.

I didn't even get out the iron.  Just a quick finger press.

So it's back to the sewing machine to add the last square of fabric.  The first stitch line goes great. Peddle to the metal!  ZIP! ZIP! ZIP!.....KERCHUNK!

The first few units were giving me fits.  The seam on the bottom was being pushed forward by the presser foot.  The seam would either bunch up causing a big ole knot of thread and fabric or it would completely flip in the other direction.

Another simple fix.  Just flip it over.  I can still use the same method of lining up the corners with the presser foot and the lines on the bed of the machine.  Perfect!  Now it's peddle to the metal!

Hopefully this is the last of the sewing hiccups for today.  And these geese will be flying into the done box by supper time.

I've got my work cut out for me.  But just look at all this scrappy goodness!  Makes me smile!

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