Friday, December 7, 2018

~ Chocolate Covered Cherries ~

You know you have a serious chocolate addiction when the color of  fabric turns on your sweet tooth.  Mr. Podunk and I rarely eat sweet treats so unlike most homes we don't have a cookie jar or a box of Little Debbie's hiding in pantry.  No we aren't health nuts or skinny by any stretch of the imagination.  And it's not because we don't want to plow our way through a row of Oreo's because believe me....WE DO!  We both know if we buy it we will eat so I just don't buy snacks salty or sweet. There's always some type of fruit in the fruit bowl and our go to sweet treat of sugar free yogurt in the fridge.  But I'm craving chocolate!

Just look at this decadent pile of yummy chocolate brown HST's.  Do you see the little coffee bean fabric?  Coffee with a big ole slice of chocolate cake, fudge icing...YUM!  As I day dream about chocolate I wonder what I would have been craving  had I stayed with the suggested colors of the Good Fortune Mystery quilt.  The color this week was supposed to be blue.  Blue reminds me of the ocean, not one food comes to mind. Sure there's blue Jello but who likes blue Jello?   Maybe the key to a quilters healthy diet is working with colors she doesn't associate with food.   It's probably best to put these away and work on my On Podunk Pond quilt, the reds, yellow and green remind me of a salad.  Hey that sounds pretty good also.  I'm starting to see a pattern, I just have a good ole case of the munchies.

Well so much for that salad because I've got a big ole box of chocolate covered cherries!  Well that healthy salad didn't last long.   I'm ready for Clue 3 of the Good Fortune Mystery.   Fortune cookies.....Cookies!   YUM!

 Let's hope for the sake of my munchies that Clue 3 will be using the greens.  Yep, this looks like a plate of spinach.  Turned off the sweet tooth!

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  1. This post made me laugh! So many things remind us of food.... even fabric. You are making good progress!

  2. You really make me giggle! And yes, there aren't too many blue foods! Your units look great and I am also very glad that we'll be working with green for the next clue!

  3. :) Such a cute posting; thanks for the morning smile. What will power you have. I know I must start thinking of my fabrics with food in mind - that's for sure!

  4. Spread the word, keep the food out of the fabric section of your home! NO GREASY FINGERS, no food crumbs to entice mices! Or moths! But mother's are ok there! Aunts, but NO ANTS! (bring on the potluck!)


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