Tuesday, December 11, 2018

~ Hello Sunshine! ~

If there's one thing I could use a little of in my life right now it's a little sunshine.  That is meant both literally and figuratively.   Overcast winter days with no snow are so gloomy.  The grayed landscape makes it really hard for a lover of color to find something inspirational to keep her motivated.   Then you add the stresses of this time of year and it can be a cocktail for a doom and gloom mood.   What better way to keep the winter blues at bay than to add a little sunshine to my day.  The sunny yellow fabrics put a pep in my step and song in my heart.  I can't help but hum a little tune from Annie while cutting and stitching up a sunny day.  "The sun will come out....Tomorrow!" 

Even if the sun refuses to shine tomorrow it'll be sunny in the Podunk Studio.  Last year I replaced the standard warm glow light bulbs with cool daylight light bulbs.  It has made a huge difference in how I see my fabrics.  The idea to change studio lighting came from my sewing machine.  One itty bitty little L.E.D. light was so bright and white.  Why couldn't my whole room be lit with this amazing light.  Well it can!  And WOW what difference!  I can see better, I don't need the stronger reading glasses anymore, and most of all it makes me feel better.  

It may sound crazy that light bulbs can make such a difference but it's true.  The new lighting also helps with pictures.  Less time is spent trying to get the perfect picture, and there's less time at the computer trying to edit the pictures with bad lighting.  They even saved money.  You see, I was considering buying an couple of Ottlites.  Yes, they are amazing little lights, but I've lit an entire room for less than what one of those lights would cost.  I no longer need a small light for handwork such as binding or applique.  Now that's not to say that in a few years I won't need a little more assistance since eyesight rarely gets better as we age. 

The project for the next couple of days will be the Chevrons in my On Podunk Pond quilt.  Its the same block as the mystery quilt I was working on yesterday.    Most of the fabrics for this quilt are from fat quarters or larger.  This makes cutting a breeze compared to the mystery quilt. 

The piecing is pretty much the same.  Again I've chosen not to draw lines.  It's just wasted time when you don't really need to.  This method isn't for everyone but if you would like to give it a try I've written about it couple of times over the last week or so.  Click here and here.

 Squaring up the fabric for this quilt has produced the cutest little pile of scraps.  They are all less than inch.    Most quilters would throw these in the trash or some use tiny scraps for making dog and cat beds.

These little rays of sunshine are going in my skinny strips basket.  They will be used for making rope rugs.  It's a fun little project that has been on going for well over a year.  Who knows when or if I'll stop making them.  I just love the way they look when finished.  So colorful!   If you would like to start one of your own I used this tutorial from Jodi.  

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