Monday, December 16, 2019

~ Border, Backing and Binding ~

♫ πŸŽ…It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! πŸŽ„♫  Come on sing it with me!
I'm loving every minute and every stitch of this quilt.  This has been such a fun quilt.  From the planning to the stitching it together.  Playing in scraps makes my little ole heart go pitter-pat.πŸ’—

Every block is my favorite, they are just so darn cute.

I found myself standing back staring at this quilt with a goofy grin on my face.  Not just for a second or two but for prolong periods of time.  Mr. Podunk at one point said "Is there a problem?"  Nope, I just like looking at it!  There really was work going on in my brain as I ogled my newest creation.  Border color, binding color and backing.

Since the quilt is scrappy, any color would work for each of them but you all understand me when I say the border can make or break a quilt.  It needs to be perfect so it will not take away from the quilt but at the same time add perfect amount of color.  Then the binding plays an even bigger role.  She can stop the quilt gracefully or be the standing ovation.  My process for deciding which fabric for each is pretty simple.  Just start pulling out fabrics and stare.πŸ‘€

The plan for these are....Aqua for the border, red for the backing and the green for the binding.  I thought the green might stop the quilt but in a very subtle way.  I'm also considering the aqua as both the binding and border.  And my third thought for the binding....White.  What do you think?  Leave me a comment with your suggestions.  

Santa's sprinkled a little magic in Podunk last night.  This is my view as I sit writing this blog post.  It's so pretty.  Mr. Podunk took a vacation day today because he has some days to use up before the end of the year.  It worked out perfect for our annual snowman.  Maybe Khaleesi can join in the fun!  Oh what a fun day I have planned.  Quilting a Christmas quilt and building a snowman!   

Before I get my winter fun day started I want to share one more photo.  I saw this Rudolf  yesterday on my way to dad's for our weekly dinner date.  The farmer decorates the bales of hay for every season.  What you can't see is the elementary school across the road.  What a sweet thing to do for the children.

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  1. such a fun quilt - I would have to stare awhile too. And rudolf is fun too

  2. what an alive quilt!!easy to see why you love it, i would go with the green binding, aqua border and red background but i'm sure your choice will be best

  3. Hmmm--I love the polka dots! Someone once told me that they bring good luck, so I try to put them in every quilt I make now. Now back to your beautiful, fun quilt---I think the red polkas as the border would be too much and would take away from the stockings, so maybe use that for the backing. I like the aqua as the border so you don't loose the print, then the green as the binding! Just my humble opinion--can't wait to see it finished!

  4. Love the quilt - and the dots!! Can you send a little of the white stuff south, please? We had tornadoes within a few miles of us last night and will be in the 60s next week for Christmas! While I love the not so cold weather, I would love a little bit for the kiddos! Cause the GiGi stays inside and admires the beauty! About 3 inches should sufficiently shut everything down here! LOL Oh, and that Rudolph is just adorable!

  5. oooo I like it too. I'd stand and look at all the pretty fabrics and lines created with stocking shapes too. Your view resembles ours. So much snow this year. Scritches to Khaleesi who looked very festive in her santa's cap.


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