Saturday, December 14, 2019

~ A Finish! ~

It doesn't get much more girly than this.  I'm pretty sure my 6 year old little grand daughter, Aylin, is going to claim it for her own.  She claims as many as she can but this one is staying at grannies house.  The Lecien Flower Sugar Rose Kiss fabric bundle was curated by Pat over at Cottage Couture Fabrics.

When I put this beauty on the quilt frame I had every intentions of doing quick and easy quilting.  Well that didn't happen!  The quilting ended up somewhere between lightly quilted to quilted to death.

Giving this quilt a name was also a chore.  Often times a quilt pattern name is easy.  Such as a snowman quilt.  I bet all of you can come up with 3 snowman quilt names off the top of your head in less than 15 seconds.  We all could. This one took a little more creativity.  Most of the time I try to name quilts by what best describes the quilt so it will come up in internet searches.  This one I threw caution to the wind and went with what came to mind first.  
Gramma Rose

Gramma Rose is an amazing 75 yr. woman that had cancer for 10 yrs.  She is now cancer free.  If you would like a quick read that is education and entertaining you can find the book here.  I've read this book once and listened to it twice on Audible.  The audible version is really nice because the author(Gramma Rose's daughter) is the narrator.  She has a beautiful voice and put's so much honest emotion into the reading.

For now this little beauty is going to hang out in my office to keep things bright and happy while I work. 

OOPS!  I almost forgot to show you this binding.  There was more than enough leftover from the FQ bundle to make a scrappy binding.  

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  1. That's gorgeous! It's so bright and cheery. I can see why your 6-year old would claim it. The quilting is awesome!

  2. So pretty and girly. Love how you quilted it also.

  3. BEAUTIFUL!! Is this a design of yours? How large is the quilt? I just love the fabrics you always choose and your quilting is gorgeous! I have a FQ bundle with similar style fabrics that I've been wanting to use.


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