Thursday, December 19, 2019

~ Three Free Small Christmas Sewing Projects ~

Hey happy quilters!  It's sewing crunch time for many of us.  We're burning the midnight oil trying to put the finishing touches on the perfect handmade gifts.  Well I've found three little projects that are so darn cute you might need to add them to your "Must Make for 2019" list.

The first little cutie is the Snow Happy Ornaments by Bunny Hill Designs.  These are absolutely adorable and great way to use up some of your small fabric scraps.  There are 12 total, each with a printable PDF.  Click here to ogle all 12 snowmen ornaments.  

Number 2 is Piccolo Studios Gingerbread House appliqued pillow.  The fussy cut fabrics make the gingerbread house extra sweet but it would just as adorable without fussing over fussy cuts.

And the third is this darling little Christmas Stocking Zippered Pouch by Sew She Can.  Perfect for party favors, gift cards and money!  The tutorial shows you how to sew together your tiny little pieces of scraps to make each little stocking unique.  Click here to be magically transported to the tutorial


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  1. These are adorable. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I agree, these are just fantastic! Wanted to stop by and let you know I had my first chemo and I am day 4 into that. I finally got my head above water and my eyes are open and alert! It is not easy but God never said life would be; just full of grace and His mercy to make it through. We celebrate our 50th on Thursday; a son and family is coming...going to their Air BB so I can come and go from home and not have to 'SUPER CLEAN' the house here.! haha. We do have our tree up, prettiest ever we think; and enjoying the Spirit and True Reason for the Season this year more than most. May your EVe Eve of Christmas be full of His Joy. My next treatments is Jan 3rd.....we are at day 176/180 Chemo days...but are we really counting?.....yes...ha.


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