Tuesday, December 31, 2019

~ Change of Plans ~

It was full steam ahead in my marathon quilting day and then it happened.  CRACK!  Okay it didn't make a sound but I noticed when using my ruler foot against a ruler that my quarter inch seam was inaccurate.  After close inspection I saw the problem, it's broken!  How in the heck did this happen again!?  I tried to super glue it (again) but with no luck.  All I can do is order a new one.  This time I've order a metal one instead of plastic.  Well all I can do is wait.  Even with Amazon Prime it will not get here until Friday.  So I'm moving on to the next project.  

Last week I was asked by a follower if I could share  my process for raw edge applique.  Yes, I can!  Since I'll be participating in the Home Again Free Block of the Month designed by Erin Russek I'll use it as my teaching piece.  A couple of weeks ago I purchased, download and taped together the large center block for this quilt.   By the way it is not necessary to purchase the large center block to participate in the BOM.  There will be 16 other blocks.  Erin will give setting instructions for several different quilt top finishes.  You can get all the details by clicking here.  

I love how Erin has included a Applique Placement Sheet and Applique template sheets.

Since I'll be doing raw edge applique, I'll need to trace the shapes on to Heat N Bond Lite.  One of my tricks for tracing is this circles drafting template.  They are under $5 and can be purchased at craft stores and office supply stores.  It makes tracing circles a breeze.  Look how perfectly one of the circles fits around the center of the flower.

Not only does it match the circles perfectly but it can also be used to trace some of the arcs in the applique such as the flower scallops.  

I'll be making this quilt in my favorite pallet of happy and bright.  The plan is to use as much of  the fabric scraps in this basket as I can without dipping into my yardage stash.  After much debating with me, myself and I about the background fabric I ordered what I think is going to be perfect.  It should be here in a few days.  

So in order to make the applique tutorial I promised I'm going to make a small test block using some of the shapes from the Home Again Center block.  Below is my pull for the background fabric.  Which one would you use? 

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  1. Sorry about your sewing machine foot!! At least, it's not your sewing machine. Mine's been in the shop 3 times in the last 3 months!


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