Sunday, December 29, 2019

~ Fussy Sewing? ~

Is there a such thing as fussy sewing?  What I'm calling fussing sewing is carefully matching the print on fabric so you can't see the seam when sewn.  After planning several different border options for this quilt I decided to go with the one I felt would be the quickest to make.  While it was the quickest option, I still needed to pay close attention when sewing together the WOF strips for cutting the borders.  I wanted it to look seamless. All the stripes need to be same width.

To do this the fabric was layered right sides together.  Then I shifted the top fabric so the first white stripe lined up exactly with a red stripe on the bottom fabric.  After I stitch these together I will trim off the selvage.

Next I carefully pinned it in place.   This required a little effort.  After putting in each pin I would lift up the top fabric to see if the lines on the fabric were lined up properly.

Using the lines on the fabric as my stitch line .

This is how it looks before pressing and trimming.

Can you find the seam?

TADA!  Here it is!  Pressing the seam open helped hide the seam.

 Now to get this girl on the frame.  I chose another polka dot for the backing.  As you can see I was not so picky about the seam.  I'm sure matching up all those dots could be done but not in my quilty world!  That's knocking at the door of an obsessive disorder....😄HAHA!  Quilting is my therapy not the reason I need therapy. 


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  1. I"ve done the same thing in the past. I NEED to!

  2. lol! "Quilting is my therapy, not the reason I need therapy"! LOVE it! :-)
    Great going on matching up those stripes! Looks awesome!

  3. great job on those stripes: I remember having to do things like that in my clothing classes! :-)


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