Saturday, March 18, 2023

Feeding the Fabric Addiction

 When was the last time you were in the same building with fabric for sale and walked out empty handed?  No fabric, no notions, nothing, nada, zilch, just you and your purse walking out the door.  Yeah, that doesn't happen very often for me either.  This latest little haul is from mine and Judy's day out that I mentioned in yesterdays blog post.   We both love happy and bright colors in quilts so fabric shopping with her is fun.  She leans more towards quilts with a 30's vintage look.  Whereas I just look for bright and happy so I can design my own quilts, not sure if I have a style other than bright and cute.

The plan was to go to the quilt show, look at the pretty quilts, browse the vendors for inspiration and come home empty handed.   So we'll blame this purchase on being overly excited to be at the quilt show and good marketing.  The vendors are very clever.  What better way to sell an apron panel than by wearing it and wearing it well I might add... she looked so darn cute.  I want to look cute too!

Judy stirred the pot by asking questions and fondling the selections of apron panels.  Before I knew it... SOLD! to the lady slobbering all over herself and the fabric!  The crazy thing is I don't like panels.  I could make this without the panel.  No pattern needed.  Lord knows I have enough Lori Holt Fabric to make several aprons, but here I am with an apron panel.  

The free instructions for this panel can be found here.  The instructions says 7 yds of Lori Holt bias trim is needed.  The vendor used the Red Gingham Crochet Edge, $20 a spool,  so that's what I wanted but she didn't have any in her booth. No problem, I'll buy it online.   Now look at how much trim is on one spool, 6 yds.  The vendor never said anything about needing 2 spools of $20 cute bias tape.  Marketing got me again!  
My apron will be made without the cute little trim because now I'm at home and the excitement has dissipated and I'm able to think a little better before making impulse purchases.  It'll still be cute without the trim.  Our local quilt shop(Back Door Quilts) has a tutorial for making it without trim.  If you're interested you can find it on their Facebook page and Instagram account.

The apron was my only purchase at the quilt show.  There was so much I wanted but I resisted temptation.  Remember, my quilting goal for the year is finishing UFO's and making small gingham porch quilts.....and now an apron.   

After the quilt show we headed over to the local quilt shop called Klaiber's  Sewing Center.  Hands down this is my favorite local shop.  So much pretty bright and happy Lea Anne fabrics.  I rarely go to this store because the temptation is so great.  On this day they were having a sale on skinny bolts.  The Moda yellow gingham sang to me as soon as I came in the door.  She was on the sale table.   I don't have a need for yellow gingham at this time.  As I placed her back on the shelf Judy quickly snatched her up.  This made me happy.  I may not have it but it's nice to see someone I know putting this little cutie in their stash....or so I thought.  Judy gave me the yellow gingham as I was getting out of her car at the end of the day.  She wouldn't make a good sponsor in a twelve step program.😂

The last addition to the stash is this yummy Moda jelly roll called The Flower Farm by Bunny Hill Designs.  For weeks I've been eyeing this line and the kits featuring this line at the Shabby Fabrics online store.  You can see all things Flower Farm at Shabby Fabrics by clicking here

I'm not sure what I'll do with this jelly roll but she sure is purdy!  This was an impulse purchase made while waiting for Judy to pick me up at the door of the quilt shop.  You see the parking lot was flooded and the only place to park was in a mud puddle on the passenger side of the car.  It was fate, the powers that be wanted me to have the on sale jelly roll or it wouldn't have been right by the door.

Maybe next time I'll stick to my plan of not buying fabric...maybe.

Until next time...

I hope you find time to stitch up something sweet!

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  1. You ended up with some beautiful fabrics! Have fun sewing the apron, when it's finished, take us a picture and show us how cute you are. Happy stitching!

  2. Sometimes fabric just calls your name and you HAVE to buy it - right?

  3. Pretty fabric and I love gingham!! I'll send you a pic of my churdash quilt. All repurpose fabrics. I love that blue w bits of red and white. Red is my favorite color!! I'm sure you w come up w a great design!!

  4. Lol'd while reading this. It's so universal!!


  6. ooops ... hit wrong key! Anyhoo, to finish my 'alert' :) --- the Charm Cottage Fabrics - Etsy has that trim for $2.35 yd. No, l'm not being your personal shopper -lol- l just wanted to see what it looked like (being nosey??) oh, surely not - lol - Love all your quilts, fabric choices, really enjoy your blog & envy your talent :) ... ok, happy stitching .. PattiK - kountrypat - hotmail ---ps... they also have the trim with cherries (oh, no, did l say that outloud??) -lol-

    1. Oh my! Thank you Patti! Cherries! You know me well!


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