Saturday, March 25, 2023

More HST's and An Afternoon In The Kitchen

 Hello Quilting Friends!  Did you stitch up something sweet yesterday?  Friday was a busy day for me and very little time was spent in my Studio.  The HST's were my top priority and were finished early in the day.

As I pulled out the next baggie of 100 HST's to be squared I thought "lets time how long it takes to square them up".  

Not just the trimming process, the whole process from the time I open the bag until they are finished and stored.

So I turned on the ID channel and listened to one of the many murder solving programs and turned on the stopwatch on my phone.  I must not have listened very well because for the life of me I can't remember what happened. 

I was competing with the ID Channel program.  Hoping to finish the entire task before the program ended.

But the ID channel won.  So today I'll try again this afternoon to beat this time.  I order a new gadget to help me up my game.  It should be here tomorrow.  I'll let you know how that goes early next week.  I think I'll keep timing myself everyday and putting the results at the end of every blog post instead of making it the focus of the blog post.

After a little playtime in the studio it was time for the not so fun stuff like cooking, laundry and mopping the floors.  I made a huge 3 lb meatloaf for Mr. Podunk and my dad.  This is dads favorite meal.  Mr. Podunk took half and dads half is shown below.  I'll freeze it until I can get to him early next week.  

Once the meatloaf was in the oven I started cooking up the pork belly I sliced earlier in the week.  This will be frozen.  I can pull out what is needed for breakfast and reheat for a quick meal.  Some of you might be wondering, why pork belly?  Well I love bacon but I can't eat cured meat due to allergies.  So I buy big slabs of pork belly from a local butcher, slice it and salt it to taste somewhat like bacon.  

The last thing to do was finish making Mr. Podunk's yogurt.  It was started the day before in the Instant Pot and left to work it's magic overnight.  Then in the morning I started the whey straining process.  That too is a magical process it does all on it's own in the fridge while I do other things around the house.  Once the straining was complete all that is left to do is sweeten it with the honey Mr. Podunk harvest last fall. 

Today I'm playing all day in the Studio! 

Until next time...

I hope you find time to stitch up something sweet!

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  1. I must try yogurt in the instant pot; thanks for the nudge.

  2. You deserve a Studio day after all those accomplishments! lf you have more HSTs than ideas, Coriander Quilts blog has a scrappy HSTs quilt on her site today. Happy stitching -- PattiK

  3. I got tired just reading yr post!!! Hubby and I do not like all. But great way to make in instant pot I have one but don't use very often. Glad you're in yr sewing room today. HST Are a just what they are...gotta keep yr head day and just get er done!!! Haha!!


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