Thursday, March 2, 2023

Throwback Thursday ~ Hillbilly Hookup Quilt

Hello Quilty Friends!  Come on in!  Grab a cup of whatever, pull up a chair and lets take a little stroll down memory lane.  When you've made as many quilts as I have over the years, you tend to forget about a few.  My Hillbilly Hookup is one of those quilts.

There's no pattern, it's my own design based off of a double wedding ring quilt.  The arcs were cut from panels I made by string piecing together strips of scrap fabric.  Instead of buying a double wedding ring template I used the EQ6 program to print out the arc template.  And instead of doing the traditional curved piecing of the Double Wedding Ring, this one is 100% appliqued on on large piece of background fabric.  You can read more about that process here.  The day I finished the quilt can be found here.

The big posy to cover where the arcs come together was a cute way to finish off the non traditional Double Wedding Ring quilt.  I absolutely adore this quilt and wish I had made it larger.  It finishes somewhere between 40 and 60 inches, I don't remember and right now she's taking a much needed soak in the washing machine.

So what made me remember the quilt?  Well, I've been doing the yearly washing of the displayed quilts I have around the house.  Believe it or not I sit right beside this one several times a week for hours on end but never even notice it being right beside me.  The little green cabinet below(made by me and Mr. Podunk) is beside my sewing machine(on the upper left of this picture).  Hillbilly Hookup is near the bottom of the stack in the cabinet.  Today I'll also be washing the small quilts you see at the top of the picture.  Those are sitting on top of one of my fabric storage cabinets.

The yearly cleaning of the quilts often leads me down an organizing and cleaning rabbit hole.  So don't be surprised if I bring you along for that mess.  Winter is a good time to get things done inside because it won't be long before we start planting the veggie garden and doing tons of yardwork.  YIPPEE!  I love yardwork and gardening. I truly do!

Until next time...

I hope you find time to stitch up something sweet!

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  1. I LOVE this quilt, she is so beautiful! Appliqueing the arcs was a great idea and the flower in the corners are perfect! Happy washing!

  2. What a pretty quilt and very ingenious way to make it! I need to some pretty massive spring cleaning - I think the first thing I'm going to tackle is my windows. The house just seems so much brighter when the windows are clean :-)

  3. Beautiful quilt Lea all those flowers at intersection of yr pretty quilt!!


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