Monday, March 20, 2023

Omigosh! It's a Quilt Kit!

 Yes you read it correctly, a quilt kit!  Quilt kits and quilt patterns are rare in my Studio.  I'm more of a free pattern and do the quilty math or design my own quilts kind of gal.  The first project below has no name and was designed by the local quilt shop called  Back Door Quilts

This kit was designed as a Block of the Month for 2022.  It requires the use of Thangles of which I am not a fan.  

The biggest reason I don't like them is I'm cheap.  And the second reason, I don't like dealing with the paper.  I can make HST's without the mess of ripping off the paper  So why did buy this BOM?  I didn't.  My neighbor Miss Judy did.  We both had been admiring it at the quilt shop.  It was unspoken but.... Miss Judy is a fairly new quilter and calls on me when she needs my quilty know how, so I think her thinking is.... if we both make this quilt she can call on me for help or we can make it together.  It'll be fun either way.  If you're reading this Miss Judy, am I right? 😅

Back to the Thangles, Miss Judy is a fan of them and finds them to be helpful.  To each their own, whatever works for you as quilter. No judgement for those of you who like them.  I have used a similar free option in the past, that's how I know the paper is an annoyance.

I have several rulers for making HST's and QST's.  The one below with the red star is the one I plan to use. Here's a video tutorial for this ruler if your interested.  

Miss Judy is also a big fan of the color teal and all things Lori Holt.  This quilt is both.  There's some issues with the kits.  They were from 2022, so this is leftovers and they didn't have a kit for one of the months.  Each month is two blocks, reversed colors.  We are missing the two with purple around them below.  All the blocks are simple so I can do the math.

Since I'm somewhat of a collector of Lori fabric, I think I can find the right fabric in my stash to make the two missing blocks.  Below is my collection of Lori FQ bundles that haven't been opened.  There's more Lori fabric scraps, FQ's and yardage in the other cabinet.  The next issue is we also still need to curate fabrics for the block borders, sashing, cornerstones, border, binding and backing because these were also sold out.  The shop carries many Lori lines of fabric so I'm sure we can find something that will work just fine in this quilt. 
Miss Judy will more than likely try to finish the quilt with the teal sashing and borders.  However, I'm considering some color changes.  Nothing wrong with the original quilt, I just like a little more white in my quilts.  

The next thing new in the Studio is the Omigosh quilt pattern.  I've admired it for years at quilt shows and online.  I've never been to a quilt show that didn't have at least one Omigosh quilt entered into the show.  My latest trip to the Indiana Heritage Quilt show only had one.  It could easily be drafted in EQ, but why?  I'm getting older and my time is getting more precious with each passing year. Math takes time too so it's worth it to me to spend the money.  Oh my gosh!  I'm getting old and lazy...LOL!  So be it!  After battling with myself for about a week I found PDF version to purchase online.  Instant gratification!  The designer, Sue Garman, passed a few years ago but her website is kept alive by her family.  You can read more about Sue here.
This quilt is called Omigosh because the piecing is so small for a quilt finishing at 70 x 88.

It took a bit of searchig for me to find Sue's original quilt on her blog but here she is, isn't she beautiful?  Itty bitty pieces.  Just how big?  Well I can't tell you but she can.  Click here, then scroll until you see this quilt.  She gave a measurement for the finished squares in the quilt blocks. 

 I don't plan to make all those little HST's when I have a slew of them already made.  I've been making and saving flippy corner cut offs for years.  How many flippy corner HST's?  At least 3,500 of various sizes.  You can read more about them on my blog post here.  The plan is to use as many HST's as I can from this stash.  However, I won't be cutting down the bigger HST's just to use in the pattern.  Well maybe...we'll just need to wait and see how I feel about that when I start making the quilt.

The little squares for the nine patches in the quilt will also be pulled from scraps.  Tossing out scraps is hard to do.  If I think I can use it I keep it.  This is just some of my smaller scraps.

Some are very tiny.  See the green piece below?  In my mind I see a flower stem ,so it's a keeper.  Yep I'm a crazy quilter!  Waste not want not. 

 Now y'all need to remember, this is just a plan.  

This year I'm focused on UFO's and Gingham porch quilts.  The urge to start new quilts is overwhelming.  So you may have to put up with me planning new quilts all year long and know I'm not starting them anytime soon.  The Gingham Porch Quilts are supposed to help me stay on the UFO finishing plan by allowing me to quickly cut, piece and finish a quilt.  Piecing gives me a break from quilting the many UFO's on the frame.  How many UFO's?  
If you missed seeing my UFO stash, click here. 

Until next time....

I hope you find time to stitch up something sweet!

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  1. I've made a small sized OMIGOSH! It's an impressive quilt, maybe someday I'll make a full sized version. Have fun piecing the quilt kit with your friend!

  2. Absolutely, OMIGOSH! It is a wonderful quilt. One thing I've learned is that I'm not a fan of small pieces; I have lots of admiration for all you who do.


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