Monday, February 3, 2014

Design Wall Monday Feb 3, 14

Good Monday morning!  So did everybody watch the Super Bowl?  Well if you didn't let me tell you missed the most shameful game.  Poor Broncos forgot how to play football.  Not one of Manning's bright moments.  Since I'm from Indiana and Manning used to play for the Colts I was cheering for the Broncos.   Let me tell you I'm not a big football fan, but Ross on the other hand....  Lets just say he doesn't miss many games.  Call me horrible but watching this game was kinda fun, even a non football fan like me could make fun of some of the plays.  
Enough of the guy stuff, lets get back to my girly world where I'm more comfortable.  
Hows this for girly?  Oh no...I see touchdown zones on each end!  Its the Strawberry Bowl....LOL!  Designed by yours truly for a mug rug contest here.
No I didn't win, you can see the winner here.
I was sad (just like Manning).  
The combination of hand stitching for the chicken scratches and daisies worked well with the machine stitched scallops.  I'm thinking I may need to make a sewing machine cover to match.
And since there's no drinking or eating allowed in the studio it'll never see a mug or cookie.   
During the pitiful football game I worked on the last block of my hand stitching.  This will be the center block.  There's still tons of daisies yet to add and a trip to town for more green thread.  
Linking up with Judy again, are you?  Come on...strut your stuff!

~ Lea Anne~

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  1. Love your mug rug with the zones on each end! :D I watched the football game last night, too, only because there were two hometown boys playing for Seattle. I'm much more of a college basketball fan! Your stitching looks so pretty. Looking forward to seeing the finish.

  2. I love your mug rug! I love how you combined hand stitching and machine stitching on it!

  3. I too love your mat and the teapot pin cushion is delightful

  4. Very pretty mug rug. Touch down zone stitching? Too funny!


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